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I've lost my PIN number (if you actually say PIN number god help you). How do I get it back?

The PIN Validation CGI says my username or password is invalid. Why?

How do I get a refund?

I don't have/never received my PIN. Was my transaction successful? What's my PIN?
I lost my username and/or password. How do I get it/them back?

How can I change my username or password?

I sent a Snail-Mail subscription. Have you gotten it yet?

How do I get a username and password after my transaction goes through?

When I try to log in, it says my account is expired even though I renewed.

When I try to log in, it says my username or password is incorrect.

When I try to log in, it says my username was removed for security reasons. What does that mean?
How do I renew my account?

Can I log into BOFHcam from home and work both?

Why doesn't the picture change when the page reloads? My browser shows the same picture over and over.

The cam says you've gone somewhere else. How do I see where you've gone?

I see that there's more than one camera. How do I get to see the different angles? How are the cameras switched?

I'm using WebTV and need to know how to get BOFHcam to reload?
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