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O'Really T-shirts

LART Pocket Reference

[Book Cover]


I designed the T-shirt, after one too many lame requests for this, that and the other. It's a guide, and a warning that too many requests may extract a price someone isn't willing to pay. The image was produced with Paint Shop Pro 5 using the ITC Garamond and Gill Sans MT Truetype fonts.

Whenever possible the T-shirts upon which the image is laser printed is usually a Screen Stars (Fruit of the Loom) or Jersey 363 type. Fairly heavy cotton, it shouldn't need ironing if you dry it by hanging it over something.

The image on the front of LART Pocket Reference is a 20x16x32 plait stock whip. This particular whip is seven feet in length and is used in Australia.

The Australian stockwhip has its origins in the English hunting whip, but since the beginning of European settlement it has evolved into a form that is almost unique to that country.

A major difference between 'conventional' or bullwhips and stock whips, is the solid handle which can be separated from the thong or body of the whip, but when put together as a unit allows the coiled thong to hang easily hooked over a horseman's forearm. Bullwhips are one-piece instruments which flex all the way to the end of the handle, although the thickness is such at that end that the movement is minimal.

Another differentiation is the use of stranded, vegetable-tanned kangaroo hide - the toughest leather for its light weight in the world.

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