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[26/05/2000 09:30 BST]
BOFH is The Bastard Operator From Hell. It is the Creation and Copyright of Simon Travaglia. Use of the term BOFH on this Web site is made with his permission. You can read the latest episodes of BOFH at or back issues at

Go on, before I slap you.

As you may or may not have noticed, this site matches very closely an old site conceived, designed, written, authored, published, supported by and starring Jennifer Kaye Ringley: Jenni.

The aim of this site is parody. Not profit, nastiness (other than at lusers who deserve it), ridicule, anger, unhappiness, hate, the inflicting of pain, torture (there's a difference), lusers, denial of service or indeed plagues of boils or frogs.

No, indeed, this site is provided to show people where I am for my friends on the net. The makeup of the site imitates the now defunct JenniCAM purely because the site's author thought it might be fun idea, and because Jenni came up with some impressive HTML and it was certainly an education trying to parody it with a BOFH-like slant. Remember, the word is parody (not like I'm trying to hide behind copyright loopholes or anything).

This site is not pay-per-view, pay-and-display or even PAYE. This site is 100% free and provides no sexual excitement (unless you're really whacked out on toner), warez, porn, fun, frolicks or pre-staged shows (unless enough people ask nicely).

Here you will find live-action, no-holds-barred, come-as-you-are, life-on-the-edge sysadminning, as seen from the sharp end (and with a slightly fish-eyed perspective, sorry). There are images of me at work, stories of luserdomain that will astound and befuddle, the occasional link to something worth your while in staving off terminal boredom, and the BOFHJournal designed to give you a freakish insight into the inside of my head.

If Jenni ever gets to read this I'd like her to email me at [email protected] and tell me if she has any problems with what I'm doing. I can't image she does, but you know how it is.

Anyway, this disclaimer is taking far too long to write and no-one's going to read it.