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October's Journal

[10:45] And now here's November. Almost completely done too. Let me tell you some more about what's gone on.

Rel came back from Africa on the 6th, and I decided to get a train to meet her at Gatwick Airport. She was really surprised to see me, but it was lovely to see her after our time apart. She'd had a good time and everyone on the trip achieved pretty much everything she'd been hoping for. Luckily, whatever thing had been leaving her low on energy had gone by the time she got home, so she felt a bit more lively than when she departed. Which was lucky as a week later she ran her final 50 mile race of the year, and completed her Grand Slam of races with the company who put them on. I made the effort to get a train there to see her finish and present her with her overall medal (she was first woman in the 'Slam) before heading home again. It was something of a long day, but definitely worth it to be with her. More patching at work (it's Q4, of course), and then Rel's new (second hand) Smart (fortwo) car was plonked down (arrived on a low-loader) outside my house to await Rel and I driving it North to its new home. That won't happen until December. More normal working, and then we both headed (separately) to Manchester to see my parents. Rachel took my mum out for the day in Manchester to look at fabrics/embroidery and I spent some time with my father. We both headed off (separately again) on the Monday. The following week was standardly dull. Work isn't all that interesting at the moment. The 'high' point this month was me applying for a team leader post within my team and being interviewed for the first time in decades for a job... and not getting it. I have to say I'm only 50% disappointed as it would have entailed a lot more work, but also a good bit more money, which we could all do with at the moment.

Upcoming between now and my next update (hopefully before the new year) is a trip to the pub with Shaun this evening (although the Wales-England match may make that less enjoyable that we might be hoping for), a trip to work before that to help throw lots of things in a skip (we're potentially being thrown out of our building in the next few months), and then spending the weekend alone as Rel and her mum will be in Cornwall. I'll be heading to Doncaster of all places the weekend after that to meet them and then Rel and I will head to our homes on the Monday evening. Lots more patching at work, and all the other stuff I do (I really should detail how stressful some of the Xen to VMware guest migrations I've been doing for another group have been going some time), and then it'll be the weekend before Christmas, Rel and I drive her car to her house, head home by train on the Monday, my "final" (not really) trip to the dentist about my Invisalign appliances (probably having a few more weeks of fine-tuning) and then I head off to spend Christmas in the Lakes with Rel's extended family. Hopefully more on all of that either before of after it happens...