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About the Author

Just over a year ago celebrity ex-brothel madam Lindi St Clair took a neighbour-from-hell dispute onto the web - by posting personal details of people who 'irritate' her on her web site.

The self-styled 'Miss Whiplash' had published a photo and intimate information of neighbours. She had even posted their full addresses and phone numbers as part of a vendetta against them, who she claimed were watching her every move.

Miss St Clair shot to fame when she stood as a candidate for the Corrective Party and has since been a leading campaigner for prostitutes' rights.

She now runs an escort agency from her terraced house in Charlton, south-east London, where she been at loggerheads with her neighbours for 11 years.

On the website, Miss St Clair alleged that two women stuck high-powered microphones down her chimney so they could tune in to her every word. She insisted no-one has taken her bizarre claims seriously and so invited web accessers to get in touch with them and their friends and family.

She had even included the full names, addresses and phone numbers of one of the people's parents and wants people to 'give them whatever you think they deserve'.

The Internet is not policed and so Miss St Clair could not be stopped from putting the information on her website.

The people were said to be so scared by the situation they had looked to move house.

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