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Black Operations in the
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Windows NT's
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Windows NT
User Obliteration
Why You Can't Find
Your UNIX System Administrator
Writing Word
Macro Viruses

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O'Really T-shirts

Windows NT's Infernal Filesystem

[Book Cover]


The image was produced with Paint Shop Pro 5 using the ITC Garamond and Gill Sans MT Truetype fonts.

Whenever possible the T-shirts upon which the image is laser printed is usually a Screen Stars (Fruit of the Loom) or Jersey 363 type. Fairly heavy cotton, it shouldn't need ironing if you dry it by hanging it over something.

The picture featured on the front of Windows NT's Infernal Filesystem is a dumpster. Dumpsters store crap and refuse and things you don't really need any more. They tend to be made of sheet metal. Sometimes a truck comes by and, using the slots on the sides of the dumpster picks it up and lifts it over the cabin on the truck. Rotated through one hundred and eighty degrees the dumpster is emptied into the container on the back and then placed on the ground again.

Dumpsters are really exciting. I can't tell you what you can find in them but there are a number of people called dumpster divers who find all kinds of things that people seem to have no more use for. Some people make a career out of it.

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