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O'Really T-shirts

BOFH in a Nutshell

Full Description

BOFHs are a law unto themselves. An outrider on the great technological cattledrive that is IT in the workplace, day to day the BOFH is the person keeps the network running to his or her own satisfaction. Generally you should never need to bother them as you're doing as you're told, right? You aren't installing that "cool" screensaver your friend from finance said is "excellent and hardly ever crashes" are you?

BOFH in a Nutshell is a T-shirt which captures the heart and soul of the BOFH's attitude. The person who wears this kind of T-shirt usually knows how to deal out mayhem and pain to his lusers at the same time as creaimg off the new kit for him or herself.

BOFH in a Nutshell will tell people:
  • That you're mean and not to be messed with
  • That you have a clean T-shirt, as opposed to the one you wear day in and day out
  • That you're part of the international group of sysadmins who know not to take any shit from the specks of dirt who occupy the space outside your office
  • That if you don't get that new gigabit ethernet kit, someone is going to lose their Powerpoint presentation
  • Or it's going to have some of the images replaced with fornicating giraffes
  • That Debian and Tux T-shirts don't make up your entire wardrobe
  • That you have a quick reference to the commandset people shouldn't incite you to use
  • You don't always wear black
This T-shirt will cover you from neck to approximately waist level.

Simon Travaliga is the original creator of the BOFH ethos, his character first appeared around 1988-1989 and stories about him have been written now and again ever since.

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