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BOFH in a Nutshell

About the Author

Born Hamilton, New Zealand in November '64, the second of 7 children: Lisa, Simon, Dennis, Gina, Maria, Kerri, Paula.

As of Nov 1993 Simon was an Analyst/Programmer with the Information and Technology Services Department of the University of Waikato.

As of end of 95, he was more of a Systems Admin for Waikato's AIX machines (no geek talk please) which was more or less an ok job.

As of September 1999, he is a Team Leader of Systems and Development at the University of Waikato, which basically means that he runs a brace of geeks. Nice enough sorts, no real complaints.

He was in Operations for years and years at Waikato University and for a year Enterprise Oil PLC in London, which was a pretty cool place to work, all things considered.

His personal interests are Computing, Photography, Television, Film and Media. His musical interests are fairly diverse, but he's still not old or sad enough to appreciate classical music. Perhaps next year.

He likes comedy of all sorts, mostly the "newer wave" British Stuff: "Comic Strip Presents...", "Bottom", with a penchant for UK quiz shows like "They think it's all over", "Have I got news for you" and "Never mind the Buzzcocks". Not that they get those quiz shows over there in NZ.

He'd like to spend at least one month a year in the UK (spending money allowing).

His personal aims are to aquire all the Pentax K1000 cameras in the world. Everyone needs something to aspire to. K1000s, great cameras. He'd also like to lay his hands on all the copies of the three above UK quiz shows as the "Best of" compilation tapes do not do them enough justice.

Simon can be reached by email via [email protected]

This information has been taken from which you should consider the de facto BOFH resource for any further information.

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