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August's Journal
October's Journal

And here we are in September! Honestly, I don't know where the time goes, but here we are. When I last did an entry it mentioning the end of August, which was a week of standard work. Racking some physical hosts, doing some more V2V work, and generally keeping things going after the weekend with Rachel's mum.

The weekend after that saw me trying to travel on a train strike day. What should have been a three train, just under four hour journey, turned into close to a seven hour journey on a train, two Underground lines, two more trains, two buses, and a taxi. I also came off my bike on the way to the station and put three very deep gouges in my left shin, which are going to scar very visibly. Luckily they, and the massive bruise on my right thigh didn't hurt too much and I didn't bleed over too many things. However, I did make it to the station in time, got cleaned up, and only my first train.

This nightmare of a day got me to Arundel, and my accommodation for two nights. Rachel was running a 100K ultra from Eastbourne, along bits of the South Downs Way, to Arundel. I spent race day enjoying a gentle run 25K out and back on the course, from the finish line, as well as the night before and the night of the race (she finished around 22:30) having nice dinners out, and a nice breakfast in the B&B I was staying at. Once she'd finished I ordered us a taxi back from the finish line and she was able to collapse into the shower and then bed. Luckily, the trains home again on the Sunday afternoon were fine.

Another week of doing things to keep work working and then I packed my bags and headed to meet Rachel at Doncaster station to spend the weekend with her before she headed off to Uganda for two weeks and I to Oban for a week where I met up with Max, Stacey, and their semi-newborn daughter. I had a lovely few days of hill running, mountainbiking (even if an epic 100K ride turned into a 16K ride, a broken spoke, and two very long waits for trains back to Connel Ferry to ride home with Max, who did the whole thing), and even my first go at paddle boarding (in the sea!). Also, there was some nice food, a whole flat to myself to spread my wet kit out in, and a chance to experience the amazing scenery of the highlands.

Since coming back I've immediately been submerged in a massive amount of work, which doesn't seem to have let up at all. Rachel seems to be similarly deluged during both her first and now her second week. We haven't been able to talk much, and I miss her quite a lot.

I think that's everything for now. Tomorrow morning is patching and another double LEAPP of a live service host, then Rachel comes home on Saturday, and we run a 10K race (although these days I don't think I'm all that fast) on the Sunday!