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September's Journal
November's Journal

Welcome to October. It's almost over, so here's what's gone on for me since the last time I wrote anything...

The day after the last journal entry I used Red Hat's LEAPP process to double upgrade a live service from RHEL 7 to RHEL 9. Even though I'd already done it to two other hosts in the same group it was nice to see everything go perfectly and be done in under 45 minutes. The following weekend Rel ran a local 10K and came in as first Woman, which was great. In a pretty great time, too given the course. During the next week, having continued to get no response from Cormac, Shaun and I met up and had an evening out at a pub in my village, which was pretty nice. We caught up on things, had a nice burger and chips each, and a drink. It was a real shame that Cormac continues to be completely unresponsive to any contact, but we'll continue to try on and off for the forseeable, I think as we'd really like to keep in touch. The day after that I ate far too much at a vendor lunch, but the food was lovely.

Work continued as it usually does, and the following weekend (end of) I took a train to see Rel for just about 26 hours. It was really lovely, and nice to take a Monday off. After that was two weeks of reasonably interesting work, a weekend on my own (can't remember what I did, but I'm sure Strava can tell me what happened outside the house, other than going to Tesco), and then Rel was back again to run another, local, road 10K. This time the competition was much fiercer, but Rel rose to the challenge and ended up getting her second fastest ever time.

This brings me to last week, which was filled with more Red Hat LEAPPing, including of a phisical host here and there, a haircut, International Gin and Tonic Day (celebrated by Rel and my mother, but not me), and then a doubly extended weekend (Friday and Monday off) up seeing Rel and all of her extended family. Storm Babet meant that I spent almost all of Friday on trains or platforms, but got there in the end. I'm now just having a bit of an issue getting the train company to deal with my Delay Repay claim.

Now it's the Friday before the last weekend of October and Rel is elsewhere for it, so I'll be doing my own thing (mostly running and then reading) for the time I'm not working. Not sure what else will be going on, but I'll be sure to tell you in next month's journal entry.