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July's Journal
September's Journal

OK, I was sure I'd written an August entry, but it turns out I didn't. So, herewith everything that went on that I can be bothered to remember.

The last weekend of July was spent with Rel's brother and his family in the Lake District. We had a great time as far as I can remember, even if the weather wasn't totally great. That's the Lakes for you. I did a few more V2V operations, getting more of my KVM guests off rotting hardware, and onto the VMware cluster the following week. Outside of work I managed to get to another social thing and went to a pub, in town rather than in my locality. So that was good. The last day of July I attempted my first LEAPP of a RHEL host from RHEL 7 all the way up to RHEL 9. There were some complications, but by the end of it I was pretty sure I had a recipe that could be used again. It was a full month, July.

Straight on into August proper and it started with a day getting Veeam repository hosts racked up in two different server rooms. It seemed to go fairly easily, which meant we were done within the day. The first weekend of August was spent volunteering at a 100 mile race (we only ended up doing the start setup, rather that being on an aid station, which was nice as we could then head off back to Rachel's to relax and recover for the next day which was a trail marathon starting in Croydon and heading out on the Vanguard Way. We've both done it plenty of times before, and the weather was perfect, so we made an enjoyable long run out of it rather than an all-out race. Rather lovely, really.

What was even more lovely, after finishing, and having some food in the cafe, was getting on trains to Bristol, and the Avon Gorge, to stay in the Hotel du Vin there. I'd given Rachel a Christmas present of a long weekend in a suite there, so we had a wonderful time relaxing in a huge suite, seeing the sights, going for some short runs, and generally unwinding. Of course, the morning after we got back I had loads of patching, LEAPPing, and other work to do. The next week or two is somewhat blurry, but I do know that there was a lot of work stuff happening, including me getting five hosts racked up and installed in two different server rooms. This included getting their networking sorted for bonded interfaces (data) and iSCSI connectivity (to the new SANs). By the end of the week that was in it was time to switch off from work, have our "Aktar at Home" delivery curry arrive, and welcome my parents who came for the weekend. We had a nice time heading out into town a bit, as well as just catching up family-wise.

More sysadmin-y stuff for the next week, then Rachel's mother arrived for a day or so, this time with us all staying in a nearby hotel as she's not a big fan of stairs. Fine by me as we got to visit a National Trust place close to the hotel and generally get some walking in, as well as some lovely food.

After that it was only a week until September!