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June's Journal
August's Journal

[09:00] Wow, a journal entry done in the actual month it's dated for. It must be an "Office Day" (in the office with as many other people as can make it). I guess that means I can fill you in on what's gone on in the last few weeks since the end of June.

Well, I came back from seeing Rel in Cornwall for her birthday. I carted down all the presents I'd got for her, as well as a few cards, and we had a lovely time ambling around St. Agnes, eating cornish pasties, and generally relaxing. The weather was lovely, too.

Once I was back there was lots of patching, LEAPPing, and generally keeping entropy at bay at work. Outside of work the crew I'm in for the yearly rowing races decided we'd enter the "seeding" race for it on the 6th and duly turned up looking a little rounder and older than we had previously. Surprisingly, we came first in our division and I now have a new glass pint tankard. On the following weekend Rel and I drove to Wendover Woods to run an overnight (start at 22:00) 50K on the toughest course I've ever run on. I managed to do a 50 mile event there a few years ago and swore I'd never do it again. That was five laps, 50K was only three and I thought I'd be happier with that. Well, for the first lap I was able to keep up with her (just). She's incredibly fast, and strong, and I weigh a tiny bit more than I'd like at the moment, which is both tiring, and means I land a little more heavily that I would like (especially when running downhill). However, about 2K from the end of the first lap I dropped behind enough that I missed where she and the pack she was with had gone and took a wrong turn. By the time I'd backtracked to the turn I went wrong on I'd added a few hundred meters, twisted my ankle, and lost contact completely. I never saw her again, and ended up finishing 1h15m behind her, having seriously contemplated dropping out after the second lap. I'm quite disappointed with just how much slower I am than her these days, for only being three years older. Anyway, that's that. It was nice camping there as we had somewhere to get some sleep afterwards (I finished at 05:20). Rel then drove us to a very, very nice hotel just down the road where we were able to shower, swim, have lots of nice food and drink, and generally unwind. Then it was home, and back to work on the Tuesday.

It's hard to believe it's only ten days since then, but a lot of work has gone on, plus the first two days of rowing races. My last rowing race is also tonight as I miss Friday's due to heading off to meet Rel and drive to see her brother's family in the Lakes over the weekend.

The remainder of the month will be spent doing some important work on one of the institution's primary services, and trying to get back in to some kind of decent running training routine.