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April's Journal
June's Journal

Again, this is a journal entry written in the following month, rather than actually written in May. A lot's gone on, and no-one reads this any more these days (barely anyone ever did, even at its 'height').

So let me fill you in on May. Rel was in Kenya for the beginning of it. So I spent a lot of time running and generally eating a little less healthily because she wasn't around to get more vegetables into my diet. Or at least my main evening meals. On the plus side I did go to the pub on a few Fridays and see some actual friends for the first time in what must be years. So that was nice and sociable. The pub trips were even in my village, which was handy.

I went to a pretty good work-related event in the Churchill War Rooms in London, but didn't stay to visit the place afterwards as I just wanted to get home after being around so many people for a whole day. Rel came home and immediately came to see me, which was very lovely of her. Otherwise work went on as normal, although I was given the job of writing up a project plan, which I really have balked at as it's just not something I'm comfortable with given I'm more about the implementing than the strategic planning.

The last weekend of May I headed to the Peak District with Rel to run 20 miles or so to and from Edale, and then stayed in a lovely B&B that let us order in Indian food after all the pubs closed their kitchens due to high demand. The next day we then took trains to the Lake District to celebrate my dad's birthday with my whole immediate family. Rel couldn't stay more than one night, but we had most of a week exploring Penrith, as that's where my brother and his son are going to move to this year. I managed to squeeze in one run up a hill and down again which oddly utterly exhausted me. It was only a day or so later that I took a COVID-19 test and discovered that the lack of temperature regulation, inability to swallow comfortably, cough, blocked sinuses, runny nose, and general feeling of illness was down to my being positive.

Which brought us into June with a bump.