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March's Journal
May's Journal

OK, so I'm writing this in May rather than April but I don't think anyone is actually reading this any more. Not even me. However, as the host of Mastermind would say, "I've started so I'll finish."

So, right at the end of March I had what I'm calling my first middle-aged health check. It's odd to consider myself so, as I mostly feel like I haven't completely matured into an adult at this point. But anyway, I had the check and honestly I'm healthier than I thought I was. Both my blood sugar and cholesterol levels are fine, I'm definitely not overweight, and my blood pressure (at least when she took it) was right in the middle of where it's supposed to be (which is frankly the thing I was most anticipating being way off).

After that Rel and her mum went on a trip-of-a-lifetime to South Africa, which I really wish was something I'd been able to join them on, but some things are just for family, which I don't begrudge at all. Rel sent me at least one photo a day, which was wonderful. While they were out of the country I had my birthday. Rather htan spend it alone I headed to Manchester to stay with my parents for a few days and, aside from having a lovely relaxed time with them (and getting some son-ly jobs done for them), managed to fit in a 47km run on my birthday. I set out in perfect running weather, but then had to battle an occasionally very sore knee and lashing rain and a driving, cold wind for much of the time. Not to mention that about 6km from home my watch told me it was low on battery. That was the point at which I had to speed up (only to the speed I initially started at!) to get home before it ran out as there was no way I was going to not record the whole 47km. I made it.

Once I was home again it was back to work and the Q2 patching round of all of the hosts I have any sort of control/responsibility for. That's still actually going on as I write this in early May. When Rel got home she found she had COVID-19 from somewhere, so her short stay with me changed into staying the whole week, which was brilliant (for me at least!). It also meant that we travelled together to London to watch Max run his first (only?) (London) marathon. He absolutely smashed it, and my PB, with a time of 2:51 and change, which was utterly amazing. We managed to see him once on the route, and then after Rel headed off to volunteer on the course I walked him back to Euston via a GBK for a well-deserved lunch. Sadly I didn't get to see Stacey and their slightly-older-than-newborn girl, Mara. But hopefully that'll happen some time later this year when they come down from Scotland for a visit.

The final weekend of April I headed to London to stay with Rel for the Friday and Saturday nights, and we headed out to a section of the North Downs Way we haven't seen before to recce it for her attempt at a 100 mile race along it later in the year. Owing to tram issues and train station layouts we had to run for a train and I managed to trip and graze elbow, palms of hands, knee, and worst of all ultra pack falling on the station forecourt after safely negotiating the stairs. All well in the end, but still disappointing.

We're actually now into May and Rel is in Kenya with a load of donors to her charity and having a very interesting time with local tribe on tribe violence, gastric issues among the donors, and the usual logistical issues that can crop up. She (and they all) will be fine, but it's not the best trip so far!