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January's Journal

It's only the first day of the month, and I only just wrote January's entry, so I don't have all that much to say yet. I guess I could mention that I've just done the Great Journal Update for 2024, which involves a mass of edits to my manually-maintained HTML. Hopefully I got it all right.

Otherwise I guess I could tell you my hoped-for plans for this month. This weekend I'll be volunteering at my local parkrun in lieu of not running at the moment (I'm doing a lot of gym work and erging, which has been fun and is hopefully keeping my cardio up, at least), then on the Sunday I may go for a longish cycle to stave off madness. Rel will be elsewhere doing a race in the dark with friends, which should be heaps of fun. Next week is filled with OS patching at work, a physio appointment where hopefully I get the sign-off to run on the Saturday after I get the train to Harrogate on the Friday afternoon to meet Rel. We're in an AirBnB for two nights either side of the race (a half marathon for me, as that's mainly what I'm doing this year, and a 35 mile ultra for Rel). The Sunday morning we drop our bags at nice hotel, and then head out to do some recce work on the Dales Way for another ultra Rel has this year. If I can't/haven't run on the Saturday we'll be hiking, otherwise we'll be running (slowly!). More patching follows the following week potentially with me heading to my parents the third weekend of this month.

The last weekend of the month I head to Brighton to do the half marathon there. I'm very much hoping I'll be healed by then, as that's a race I'd like to get a reasonable time at. The hotel accommodations for the night before are going to be 'interesting' (I booked them on price, then read the review, which aren't glowing), but I'm trying to remain positive!

I think that's everything for now that's of interest. I'll try and do a few (one or more) entries this month, just to make a better habit of it.