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[15:00] Happy March! I hope it has been for you. Mine hasn't been too bad for the most part. Since the last journal entry I've run my 'target' half marathon for the year (and not got the time I'd been hoping for because, I think, I'm getting on a little bit more now and I just didn't push myself quite hard enough in training), run a 'fun' 31 mile ultra the following weekend with Rel, and generally gotten on with life. There's been plenty of other running, I've tried to get back to the gym a bit more regularly, and finished with the weekly changes of dental appliance. Yup, while I thought I was done with bits of plastic in my mouth, it turns out I have to wear them in bed for the rest of my life, and I also have two bits of wire cemented to the backs of my middle teeth (top and bottom) which will remain for life too. In some ways I'm almost sorry I started this whole process (especially given the cost), but I do like how straight my teeth are now, even if they still feel a little odd and I can't do things with them that I used to due to there being no odd sticky-out edges any more.

But yes, that's about it, really. I'm actually in the office today as it's supposed to be the first of a new semi-regular arrangement when we all come into the office and see each other in person. I think it's a good idea, even if it takes me away from Rel, who arrived last night and is with me until Monday morning (yay!).

Oh, I should probably tell you what's coming up in my life in the next month or so... Next week I'm doing some more LEAPPing of RHEL 7 hosts to RHEL 8 (something I've been doing on and off for a few weeks now), I've got a fairly complete free health check on Friday morning, and then Rel and I (she'll be back on Thursday evening) head to meet her mum and then see an astronaut do a talk on being in space and stuff before spending a night or two together for the last time in a while before Rel and her mum head off to South Africa for three weeks or so. Sadly, this means I won't see Rel for my birthday, so I'm going to go and see my parents instead. Other than that, later in the month I'll hopefully see Max and Stacey when Max runs the London Marathon (his first, and potentially only, road marathon).

For now though, as I'm in the office, it's time to have an in-person meeting for the first time in years, rather than over Teams.