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April's Journal
June's Journal

[17:15] Look at that! Two entries in less than a week! It won't last.

But anyway, to catch you up on the NDW50 recce, the second run on the Sunday went a whole lot better. Probably because Rachel had an exceedingly rare off day and we walked a whole lot more. I actually felt OK by the end. We got hailed on a little and even broke out the waterproofs. I definitely need to think about my eating a bit more, and also think about dry layers to change in to once I've sweated my existing one(s) to the point where they're just making me cold. I still don't think I'll be breaking (or even coming close) to any PBs I have for the race.

Since Sunday Rachel and I had the bank holiday Monday off as a well-deserved rest day and took the opportunity to meet up with not only Fi (and her lovely dog Ellie), but also Dunk and his family, who I'm sure I haven't seen in at least two years, if not longer. The weather was a bit windy and cold, but it was still a chance to have an abbreviated picnic and catch up somewhat.

I got the train back home to work on Tuesday morning and have been extremely busy doing quite interesting (or at least useful) stuff since then. I was supposed to be patching on Tuesday morning but we've had some absolutely terrible mess-ups with regard to our Red Hat site license over the last few weeks which I sincerely hope we never have to go through again. The chances are that we won't as my team leader has taken over the renewals now and he's not a complete idiot like the people in the group who previously were failing to manage it are. Even so, Red Hat still managed to mess things up by not paying attention to their own data, so I've had to not only get involved, but also talk to another department withing my organisation to get them to change the name they have registered with Red Hat so that we have two things working to stop the complete mess that happened happening again in four years. Oh, yes, the four years is another annoyance, created solely by our finance/procurement people. I won't even attempt to get into that.

Right now I have the end of the day to look forward to, tomorrow's sprint session (which should have been this morning, but I didn't want to do one off the back of not running for two days, and also I was expecting someone to come and do some gutter clearance and repairs), and the gutter work which didn't happen due to the contractor having a family emergency. Tomorrow should be fine, and if he does a good job I've got some patio to be relayed and perhaps even a lean-to for him to do, as well.

Early morning patching also happening tomorrow, so I'll run after that. In other news, there's lots lined up for May. A trip to Rachel's mother again to drop off the car (we'll be back on trains again, so this is the opportunity to take things from my house to Rachel's new one that won't easily carry on the train), then there's the North Downs Way 50 race(!), after which we have only a few days off before we head to Cornwall/Devon to recce the route for Rachel's 75 mile race which is in June. That'll be a fairly hefty adventure. Immediately after that we head back to see Rachel's mum and the rest of the family, potentially to spread ashes, and then we come straight back to my house to welcome my parents for a few days at the beginning of June. Pretty busy!

For now though... I'll see you when I see you.