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May's Journal
July's Journal

[12:50] Back again for what's probably going to turn out to be another monthly journal update. Rachel and I did the NDW50. Both of us finished in under ten hours, which was the plan considering how unfit I feel (still) and Rachel's plan to take it more gently so she could still feel energetic enough to do another 25 miles at the end (for her upcoming race this weekend, more on that in a moment). She still beat me by about 15 minutes. That's just the way it goes now, I think. Not that I am entirely over the situation quite yet.

Anyway, a few days later we headed down to the south coast, or at least Cornwall/Devon (Bude) to run 75 miles to Westward Ho! and back over a few days as a recce for her ultra. It turns out that even living where she does (and I certainly don't live anywhere helpful) meant that there was no adequate preparation for the sheer amount of ascent and descent on the route. Never mind that we had a 50 miler in our legs and ran with all our clothes/kit/etc. for the duration of our trip, the route was brutal and as a result she's sensibly downgraded to simply doing the option of racing in one direction. A piffling 37.5 mile ultra. Given how hot it was even then, I certainly don't think I'd enjoy doing it this weekend. Unless things cool down a lot. We'll have to see how it all goes. We're heading down there this afternoon to give plenty of preparation time, and also have some time together as we haven't seen each other in over two weeks.

Amusingly, despite my concerns over the heat I've decided to join (although definitely not run together) Rachel in doing a 106km ultra race in mid July. It'll be the first time either of us have run (I say run, there'll be a lot of walking, just like on the route we recce'd above) that far and I have to say I am extremely trepidatious. But it's an adventure and I'm taking as much pressure off myself as I can with regard to it. I know Rachel's going to be faster than me. I know it's going to be incredibly hard. My aim is to finish, and hopefully do it in under 16 hours. But so long as I finish I think that's the main thing.

What other news to tell you? Rachel gave the spare car back to her mum, who managed to sell it for a reasonable amount. So we're back on trains for all long journeys. My parents came to see me/us! That was wonderful and so nice to be together with them for a prolonged amount of time. They even got to use the cream tea voucher we gave them as a present a few years ago. Although we did go and collect it and eat it in my garden, which I think was the better option. I had my gutters cleaned and repaired. Something I've been meaning to do for years, although it did highlight an issue with my roof which will need some remedial work at some point. Although the person who said he'd quote for it hasn't come back with them yet. I've been doing plenty of work, although feeling like I'm falling behind on understanding all the new technology we're beginning to bring on board. Hopefully some concentration will help in that regard.

I think that's it for now. There's probably more, but days still blend into one another a lot more than they used to, so I do find myself forgetting things sometimes. Oh! I joined a gym a week or so ago and have been going three times a week. No change to body shape (and especially my increasing waistline), but I live in hope that even at my advanced age there's a chance I can rebuild some muscle and lose a bit of tubbiness.