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June's Journal
August's Journal

[17:45] Well, the race was incredibly hard. At least for me, as I didn't manage to finish it. I made it to 56 miles (out of ~66.5) and then just had to stop at the last aid station as I was too tired to run any more. I could have walked the last 11 miles or so at a very fast pace, but it was all on pavement, it would have taken about three and a bit hours (I could have run a resonable amount of it, I'm sure) and it just wouldn't have been enjoyable. In all honesty I'm not entirely sure I should have entered at all. It's perfectly possible that was my last ultra race. I don't think I enjoy them any more, and I'm not really built for them. I perspire too much, right now I'm the wrong body composition, and... I don't know, maybe it's the depression talking, but I don't always enjoy them. They're more of a challenge than something I enjoy doing. I think I want to do them so it's something I can share with Rel seeing as I want to spend more time with her than sometimes we're able to have together on account of not living in the same place. Plus, while I'm good at other things, I want to be good at the same thing as she's amazing at (naturally she completed the race, and ranked quite highly) so we can share that aspect of our lives, too. Not a good reason, but a reason nonetheless. So yes, that was this weekend just gone. As it was she caught me at mile 40 after starting 45 minutes or so behind me. She's incredible. I just wish I could keep up with her these days. Speaking of incredible, I should also definitely mention that she was first-placed woman in the race she did last month. So that's amazing, too.

Anyway, chances are I won't do another ultra. Unless Rel actively suggests that I do, which seems unlikely. She's doing at least four 50 milers in the next 12 months. I don't plan to do any, although I do have two road marathons, which I should start training a bit of speed back into my legs for. I also want to see if I can get coaching again. Which requires me to email my favourite (only) coach to see if he's interested in taking me on again.

Otherwise, the news is that I've had my second jab (absolutely no side effects as far as I could tell), done some very good work with regard to getting developers to move off RHEL6 and on to RHEL8, decided not to row this year, and have plans to go on weekend breaks with both my whole family and another weekend Rel's. So those'll be nice weekends to tell you a sentence or two about next time (probably in mid-August). I'm hoping to move broadband supplier in a month or two as Virgin Media have more than doubled my monthly costs in the last five months. I've been on the interview panel for another staff member (we decided not to offer to either of the two candidates), have a virtual tour of the McLaren F1 factory in a few days (won from a competition of Dell's), might or might not be attending a picnic hosted by Rel's charity (depends on numbers and COVID-19 restrictions), and am buying a laptop for Rel's mother so she can turn her old study into another bedroom by binning the desktop (and desk) in there.

I think that's you all caught up. Perhaps more on my mood, and running, and all that stuff next time. Once I've had time to think about it all some more.