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July's Journal
September's Journal

[17:15] A fair amount has happened since the middle-ish of July. Most of it was work though, sadly. On that front there was a whole load of patching, some creation of new servers for our online teaching, the rowing for this year (which I chose not to do as I didn't want to tire myself out given my marathon training for this year is going to be pretty hard, more on that in a bit), some trips in to the office and both server rooms to install new disks in our SANs (and I'm going to be doing that again this week, too), a weekend in Buxton with my whole family (the first time we've all been together since Christmas two years ago), and a whole lot of running. I've started a 'proper' marathon training plan for the Yorkshire Marathon in October. Something like 12 weeks to change me from someone who just about manages to do 50 mile ultra marathons at a moderately good pace, into someone who can hopefully run a road marathon in as close to three hours as is physically possible for me these days. We'll just have to see what happens. Hopefully I've created a decent training plan that'll do the job.

Still to come this month: a long weekend in Northumberland with Rel's family, a running weekend doing 50 miles (over two days) on the Cotswold Way (overnighting in Cheltenham) and then a few days in Cornwall, more time in server rooms, more work, and hopefully more time with Rel.

I'll let you know how things go the next time I get the inclination to do an update.