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January's Journal
March's Journal

[19:45] Obviously I've completely failed to keep this journal going in any decent way, shape or form. That's just going to have to be the way of it, I think. Still, here's a brief run down on some things that I can immediately bring to mind. Rachel spent some time back with her mother and I stayed here for those two weeks. It wasn't too bad as I got to watch the television I wanted to watch. That's about the only positive to us being apart though, so as of yesterday I'm very glad she's back again. Unfortunately, while she was away there was a water leak in her house in Croydon, so she's headed there for the remainder of this week from tomorrow to ensure the house is physically OK, and to be there for the plumber to do some proper repair work, rather than the temporary fix that was done. I think getting the stop cock to turn properly (rather than her neighbours having to turn off the water in the street) would be a good thing to fix, too. Other than that I've significantly upped my daily and weekly running mileage in preparation for the 50 mile race in May (if it goes ahead). I ran a 50K on the Saturday and a half marathon on the Sunday the weekend before last, both of which went surprisingly well. I still need to work on my nutrition and hydration a bit more so as not to fade quite so much in the later stages. I still can't envisage running 50 miles in one go at the moment, despite having done it a few times before. What else... Oh, I had the shower room spruced up in terms of getting the shower re-grouted and the peeling paint (from moisture beading on the cold walls) redone and sealed a little better. I still need the siphon in the toilet cistern replaced, but otherwise things are looking a bit better in there, now. Work-wise there's lots going on in terms of traning courses (one down, one to go thus far this year), new jobs to take on, plenty of servers to replace with newer versions (OS, software), and a few physical servers which I'll need to actually go to the server rooms to install with RHEL 8 (or in some cases reinstall with RHEL 8 with a different formatting of the storage).

For now though, it's time for my one weekday meal of the evening with Rachel, before she heads off early tomorrow morning. She'll be back on Sunday when we should get a whole week together before we both head back to her mother's again (I don't really want to spend two weeks without her again for a while.).

[13:50] And now it's 2021. And nothing feels any different, except that I'm back at work (albeit at a strange desk in someone else's home) after Christmas off. As I said last year, I'll try to post a little more often to keep up to date on things that're worthy of note, but for the time being I should go and get some lunch. For now I'll tell you that I got to see my parents for a few hours before Christmas (some very long train journeys), and spent Christmas and new year with Rachel and her mother in North Lincolnshire. Things have been good, for the most part.