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December's Journal
February's Journal

[19:25] We're back with Rachel's mother in North Lincolnshire. The weather this morning, after yesterday's drive here in pretty poor conditions, was utterly gorgeous and meant the usual daily morning run was a fabulous way to start the day. My right hamstring issue seems to have cleared up, but the injury/tightness to my right hip flexor which has been bugging me for at least the last two months continues to bother me. I've never, ever had an issue sitting cross-legged, for my entire life. Now suddenly I cannot go through certain ranges of motion without a painful twinge in it. I certainly don't remember an occasion when I caused myself pain there, and my left hip flexor continues to be perfectly normal and as loose as it always has been. I really should get some physio on it, or at least get it looked at... but current rules about physical contact make that impossible, I think. Anyway, it doesn't seem to stop me running, which is good as I've got a lot to do in the next year or so (I hope). Otherwise life continues to continue. Rachel's had an offer accepted on a house not too far away from here, and the purchase process is beginning to rumble into life. There are some major life changes coming for both of us in the next year, I think. Rachel's job (and mine) seem to be going OK at the moment. We're both doing OK, and generally getting on with things. I think for the moment we intend to spend two weeks at (my) home (Rachel can't go back to Croydon for the moment given the rules) and one week here with her mother. We're using the vehicle which was purchased, adapted, to drive her father around in whilest in his wheel chair. It makes travel somewhat more convenient, but does mean strain on Rachel for the driving. I'm not currently on the insurance, and haven't driven much in the last few years either. At home the loft insulation I bought exactly a year ago I've had installed by a guy as I just didn't have the time, experience, or inclination to do it myself. I do think it's had some effect, which is good. Otherwise... I think that's probably everything. I feel quite out of shape in terms of muscle:fat ratio, and I'm so much slower than Rachel when running at speed over any distance. I can't decide which is more disappointing to me, if I'm honest. I'd like to think that I'm capable of getting into better shape muscularly, running fitness, and even losing a bit of weight... but I don't seem to be able to get a handle on how. I think I need a trainer to tell me what to do. Being able to meet someone and discuss my needs in person, or even just being able to join a gym again might be all that would be required.

I'm going to try and get back to doing this journal a little more frequently this year, but I said that a few times last year, I think?

[13:50] And now it's 2021. And nothing feels any different, except that I'm back at work (albeit at a strange desk in someone else's home) after Christmas off. As I said last year, I'll try to post a little more often to keep up to date on things that're worthy of note, but for the time being I should go and get some lunch. For now I'll tell you that I got to see my parents for a few hours before Christmas (some very long train journeys), and spent Christmas and new year with Rachel and her mother in North Lincolnshire. Things have been good, for the most part.