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April's Journal
June's Journal

[12:05] Another sporadic journal entry. I'm briefly in the office after spending some time in one of the server rooms doing maintenance on two important servers. Life is fairly stable at the moment. In retrospect I'm pretty sure Rachel and I both had the virus at the beginning of April. We had extremely mild cases; feeling only breathless and tired on a few runs for a few days. The reason I think we had it is that I think I got "Toevid" or "COVID-19 toe" over the following few weeks. We were pretty well isolated the whole time, so I don't think there anyone we could have passed it on to. We're now into our seventh week of living together. Well past the previous high water mark for being in each other's company. Other than a few issues (now solved) here and there I think we're doing pretty well. We continue to exercise most days, go out for long cycles and runs on the weekend, and eat far better than we do when we're living apart from each other. I'm certainly putting on a bit of weight.

The weather is lovely, there's lots of work to do (so much so that sometimes I work a few too many hours, and sometimes get a bit stressed owing to working from home at a dining room table rather that in the office at my desk), and we're getting by quite nice. I guess I'll post another entry when there's something worth reporting. In the meantime it's back home to work/do yoga in the evenings, and make sure I do my best by Rachel.