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March's Journal
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[17:10] Hi everyone. Another random day when I've pluched up the enthusiasm to do a journal entry. Not a lot has happened over the last few days... or a week as it turns out. I had the pest control person come out on the Thursday and she's pretty sure they're only getting in the one way, at the front of the house. She's put down poison and will come back two weeks after that day to see what's what. At that point I should be able to have a builder come round and brick up the hole in the fairly sure knowledge that the rat(s) are dead and probably not still under the house.

Otherwise one day is tending to blend somewhat into the next. Over the weekend just gone I might have slightly overdone it exercise-wise (although not really, when you look at the amounts). Either way I had a terrible headache on the Monday morning and spent the day worrying that I either had the virus or leptospirosis from helping the pest control person. It was probably just a touch of dehydration from the cycle ride in the sun on the Sunday. Although I have been feeling somewhat more short of breath on my runs for the last week or so than should have been the case. We'll see what the next week or two brings me in terms of health and well-being.

On which note I'm worrying somewhat about my father, who had a bit of a scare/issue yesterday, which I'm told is under as much control as can be possible, and is being dealt with with amazing rapidity by our national health service, even in this current climate of over-stretchedness. I love him very much, and hope that he and my mother are going to manage to isolate from each other inside a small house for 14 days after my father's visit to the hospital and clinic.

But to end on a lighter note, our bread delivery arrived a few days ago, with two extra loaves and a pot of jam because it was so late (and got lost in the order process twice). We've an over-abundance of bread products now, but we'll struggle through I'm sure. For now though we're off to have a government-mandated run outside, via a co-workers house to collect some maple syrup!

[10:45] I'm in the office! Briefly anyway, to get my workstation back on the network again after it dropped off yesterday because of DHCP reasons. All is well otherwise, although weekdays blending into weekend days is a bit of a problem, mentally. I probably have rats under my house again, and this time in the main body of the house, which is deeply frustrating. A pest control company are coming out tomorrow afternoon to take a look/give some advice/put down some poison, but currently there's nothing to see... and I have no idea how they're getting in. I'm deeply hopeful that it's not something that requires the patio outside or (please no) the floor inside. Otherwise Rachel and I continue to continue in the current situation.

I'm going to head home again now and carry on with another new-normal working day. I guess the cycle to and from work counts as my exercise. Although I have now printed out a letter from work telling the police (if I'm stopped) that I'm an essential/key worker.