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May's Journal
July's Journal

[17:00] I'm getting really bad at doing my journal at the moment. And by really bad you can see that I'm managing about one entry per month. The situation is that I really don't have the mental energy to sort out writing it and posting it it when I'm not at my desk and just about to leave work for the day. Given I'm sitting at my dining room table day in and day out, the interface between being at work and being at home is pretty much permeable to the point of non-existence as a result I just don't feel any inclination to finish off the working day with a precis of what's gone on in my life. I don't suppose this break in my routine is causing anyone any hardship, so that's just the way it is.

With that in mind though, let me fill you in on what I can think to remember to tell you about. Rachel went home after being here for a good few weeks. She was away for a good few weeks and I didn't much like it after a while. She's been back for a week and it was wonderful. She went home again on the weekend and I'm already looking forward to her being back. We manage the travel by the both of us cycling long distances and taking the train once we're out of larger cities. It seems to do the trick, and we're getting a lot of cycling done. Thus far the weather has been kind. We're going to take trains and bikes to see her parents tomorrow, for the first time in months. Her father is 'sheltering' or 'protecting' or whatever it is (like my mother) so we're going to be as extra careful as we can in case we're infectious. I think I might have mentioned previously that I think we've both had it (very mildly), and I also got "COVID toe" afterwards. Although that was months ago now, I'll still be keeping extra distance. We're going there in the morning, having physically distanced lunch in the garden, then will head back home again in the afternoon and evening to celebrate the last few hours of Rachel's birthday here at home.

Work-wise things continue to continue. Everything remains much more 'intense' than if I was working in the office. I really thought at the beginning of working from home that it'd be a chance to relax a bit more during the working day, but honestly, I'm working harder and feeling much more stressed than if I was in the office. However, I am achieving good things, including finally puzzling out an iSCSI/SAN issue we've been having for a number of months, and even getting a new card with iSCSI offload working after a really aggravating Friday of not being able to do so. I've started to hand off patching to two other people in my team, which is a major relief as I'd been patching our entire estate solo for years. And finally I've been making some progress on getting some of our older servers and older software upgraded/replaced, which has been nice too. Now and again I have had to, and still will need to, head into both work and the two server rooms to set up new physical servers. But for the most part I can do everything I need to from home. Lastly, I've managed to convince work that using my own personal laptop for work is unsustainable, so hopefully I'll be getting a 'work laptop', hub, and second monitor so I can get back to having something approaching the screen realestate I have on my desk at work. It will mean having to move upstairs to a larger desk though as I don't really want to encroach much further onto the dining room table than I already am. Which in turn will mean I have to rearrange the spare bedroom to make the place a nicer place to be for most of the day.

I think that's about everything for now. Hopefully I'll post more than once next month.