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March's Journal
May's Journal

Drat it. I forgot to do an April entry after all. Lots and lots has gone on so I should get on with telling you all about it.

So, in very early April I went to Manchester to run my "A race" marathon for the year. While it didn't quite go as well as I would have liked, I did fairly well and came away with a reasonable time. Definitely not the time I was aiming for, which I think was down to that weird dead/numb muscle feeling in my quad again. Disappointing, given I hadn't felt it in any of my training, or in the half marathon I did in March. But anyway, the race is done, it was a time that many people would be very happy with, and I didn't die. Following the race I had a week of doing very little, although I really wanted to get running again by the Thursday afterwards, which was odd. Normally I'd spent a lot longer not running before getting back into it, but for some reason I just couldn't switch off like I have previously. In any event, Rachel ran her next 50 miler the following weekend, this time on the South Downs Way. She ran a stonking time, breaking our previous joint record by a considerable amount. She's amazing. The weekend after that, after she'd had another person without leave to remain move into her house, we headed down to Cornwall with her mother to have a bit of relax. This involved a slightly less-than-relaxing amount of train travel, but then we were in Bodmin to do some gentle cycling on the Camel Valley Trail, and eat a phenomenal amount of food. Following that we stayed with relatives down in St. Agnes for a few days (more running and walking along the coastal path), and then spent a night at Gurnard's Head, again eating far too much really very nice food. I got home weighing a good few kg more than I feel I should.

Since then I've done a lot of early morning patching, got back into doing ergs at the gym, had not one but two social events in pubs, run a bit, and given Rachel an extremely large Hotel Chocolat ostrich easter egg.