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February's Journal
April's Journal

[17:20] Time again for my now-monthly journal update. I guess this is how it is now, with only one update per month. Let me fill you in on what's gone on...

In very late January Rachel and I had an actual date night with a trip to the local arts cinema, and then dinner at a burger restaurant. That was pretty great. Later on that week Rachel's work arranged to have a Ukraine briefing from a retired army officer, which was really, really interesting. Nothing to do with her work, but as a friend of her charity he was happy to give some thoughts on the developing situation, and even respond to mediated questions. After that, over the first March weekend the two of us headed to Harrogate to attend a day-long course on how to plant vegetables at home. We also combined it with a stay at the Hotel du Vin there, and even got in some runs on some very soggy ground. We headed back to my place in time for me to run a fairly measured half marathon in exactly the time I was aiming for (nothing too fast, more a test of maintaining pace for the marathon this coming weekend) without feeling too blown away. I can't tell you whether I'd be able to hold that pace for another 13.1 miles, but I guess we'll see what I do on Sunday! Since then Rachel's been bouncing between Croydon (and working in her office), up north in her new home, and here with me. I've spent a bit of time with her in each location too, as well as running a marathon distance here around the outskirts of the city for some "time on legs".

Work-wise I've been having a mix of very busy and very not-busy days. Some days I've managed to fit in time to do some VMWare training (NSX-T, VCF, etc.) and other days its been wall to wall work. I did managed to upgrade our Red Hat Satellite server to 6.10.3, but then had a few support calls open to deal with all the new errors and warnings that now appear in the logs. 99% of them apparently I should just ignore, which really doesn't sit well with my OCD for tidiness.

Otherwise I've had someone come to scarify and deal with the lawn today, the old village pump next door has been completely revealed to the world and encircled by a quite ugly fence. I hope they put up some greenery, because as pretty as the (broken) pump is, the area is now rather bare and spartan. I've had my "go faster" haircut for this Sunday's Manchester Marathon (heading up to see my parents on Friday afternoon with Rachel), done plenty of early morning patching, and am enjoying the few days off of running that mark the week of tapering.

Upcoming after the marathon will be some time off from running, but not from early morning patching and generally working hard. A work lunch jolly (a first for about four years for me), Rachel running a 50 mile race, my birthday, a work meetup (separate to the jolly), and then a trip down to Cornwall over Easter, which should be really lovely as neither of us will need to run for anything other than 100% fun. No training, no targets to meet, no distance to cover, and no time to need to be on our feet for. Wonderful.

I imagine I'll post again some time in the last week of April. Unless something else comes up.