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April's Journal
June's Journal

[16:45] And now it's May! It started really well, with a bank holiday on Monday, with Rachel having been here since the Sunday. I'd run fairly long on the Sunday morning and met her a few train stations up the line from home. We had lunch together, and then I got the train home with Rachel's heavier luggage while she ran (and got lost) home, to get her (second!) long run in for the day. She's running very long and very frequently at the moment as her next 50 miler is the weekend after next. This weekend coming she's pacing someone late into the night for the last 11+ miles of a 100 miler. And that's after having been a bridesmaid earlier on in the day for one of her best friends.

The remainder of the month is busy for her, and a little bit for me. After going for an eye test this morning, Rachel and I will be choosing new frames for me next Tuesday when we both have the day off. Me because I have far more vacation time than Rachel, and Rachel because she'll be off to the US for the week and has earned herself a day of TOIL. The following two weeks are filled with early morning patching for me and tapering for Rachel as she prepares for her 50 miler. That weekend I'll be on call and doing various bits of work for our finance system's yearly upgrade.

Finally for May (and into June) it's the twice postponed (my) family holiday up in Scotland! We really think it's going to go ahead this year and, aside from a huge amount of travel to get there, we hope it's going to be absolutely lovely. We're going somewhere I haven't been in decades, but always consider one of my favourite places on the planet. I really hope it lives up to my memories, and Rachel loves it as much as I did/do. I hope to give you more information on that in the June entry.

For now though, from the office of all places (I came here after my optician appointment this morning), I'm heading off to pay more attention to a Teams meeting.