When I try to log in, it says my username was removed for security reasons. What does that mean?
There are several possible reasons for the removing of an account:

1: Your account was revoked by me because I don't like your face.

2: Non-copyrighted images from the BOFHcam member site were not found to be posted or used publicly and were found to be not traced directly back to you. As the site specifically states, all images are not copyrighted and any not posting or online archiving images isn't a direct breach of the membership agreement. Persuant to this non-breach of agreement, your membership has been terminated. Should you wish to re-join, you are welcome to do so, keeping in mind that further infractions will have the same result. Or something. I'm just making this shit up.

3: I got bored and denied access to your subnet or machine.

4: There is a good chance your case doesn't fall into one of these made up reasons. In all cases, more information can be found at the BOFHcam Terms of Watching Me Work.
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