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August's Journal
October's Journal

September came and went pretty quickly, eh? Somehow more quickly than any of the other months thus far. Or at least it felt that way to me. Some things of note which took place this month were... Rachel and I went running in a wood just a short train journey from me, and it was pretty good. Something we might do again, I think, as we increase our weekend miles in the run up (no pun intended) to the ultra we're doing at the end of November. I cycled all the way to Rachel's house (a very large number of miles), but got the train back again a few days later as I just couldn't be bothered to do it again. We went to visit Rachel's parents and actually stayed the night which was a real treat for everyone. And I ordered (and in some cases returned) far too many pairs of trail shoes. I think I have n+1 pairs I actually need now, but I'll wear them all out (no pun intended again) eventually, so I don't quite feel like I've wasted too much money.

That's about it, I'm afraid.