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September's Journal
November's Journal

[18:15] Some days I feel I really should go back to writing this journal every day again, but by the time the end of the working day comes around, I'm just so fed up of sitting in my spare bedroom that I just want to log off and go and do something else. I usually work far later than I should (like today, and especially for a Friday) so by the time I decide to get away from the computer there's no time left to slip in a journal entry. It's probably for the best as there's not all that much to tell you. I will try and make and effort to write a little more, otherwise 2020 is going to go past fairly unremarked.

Let's say for now I'm going to be seeing some houses in a town very close to where Rachel's parents live this weekend as Rachel is ninety-nine percent certain she's going to move north to live closer to them within the next year or less given how things are going with remote working, her father's health, and generally wanting to be closer to them. This will present some changes to our lives and relationship, but nothing insurmountable, I think. For my part I got a pay rise late last month (which I should have mentioned in September's entry, but forgot) which was nice, and a pleasant recognition of how much more I've been putting in the job over the last year or so. Otherwise I think that's about it for now.