When I try to log in, it says my account is expired even though I renewed.
First, confirm that you connecting to the right webcam. It's quite likely you've actually connected to that pay-per-view site, JenniCam. You must renew your account for this site with her database by registering your new PIN at the PIN Validation site. Until you complete this step, our shared database doesn't know that you exist and will try to shut down your computer remotely. With an axe.

If you've performed that step already, chances are that your browser is still sending the site your bank details, out of its cache (which stores everything about you from your height and sexual preferences to your inside leg measurement and what you said about your mother). To correct this, when you get to the "You're Fucked! Leave Now Before I Make You Cry" page, hold down the shift button and press or select reload. Holding down shift prevents your browser from using your old bank PIN, and you should be asked to input your credit card number and donation amount (dollars or pounds sterling only, please). Make sure the value you put in is the value you feel like giving and that if you changed your mind you have phoned a priest who is qualified to extort the money back from me.

If you continue to have problems, please follow the instructions found on this page.
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