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Luser Type Questions

Q: My image isn't reloading properly. What's up?
A: This can be caused by one of three reasons. Either your cache preference is set incorrectly, or you're using Netscape 4.04 or 4.05. Or, you're simply not trying hard enough.

If you're using Netscape 4.04 or 4.05, you should be aware that there's a cache glitch. The most luserproof solution is to revert to Version 4.03 or earlier, or upgrade. Some success can be achieved, though, by giving Netscape as much memory as possible and setting the cache setting to 0, thus buggering your machine, royally. The Netscape people are aware of the cache glitch, and it affects not only my site but ALL websites you visit with this browser. Version 4.06 of Netscape's memory-hogging browser does not have this same error, so I suggest upgrading to 4.06, 4.5 or reverting back to 4.03.

If the Netscape version isn't your problem, you should check your cache preferences. In Netscape, go to Preferences, then Advanced, then Cache. Make sure you check "Page in cache is compared to the page on network EVERY TIME", not Once per session or Never.

In Internet Explorer, select quit. It's for the best.

If you've checked your settings and you're still having problems, it's possible that there's a firewall or proxy server between your computer and the site that's causing you not to receive updated images. Contact your administrator. Although I wouldn't hold out much hope that they'll do anything.
Q: How do you feel about public BOFHcam archives? Is there a set policy?
A: Basically. I doubt there will ever be a BOFHcam archive, anywhere. There will be no demand and anyway, I've got most of an 8Gb drive here if I (or anyone else) ever gets round to sending in their favourite images.
Q: How does the camera angle get changed from time to time?
A: Sometimes I get bored with the 3/4 profile shot and go for either the head-on InYourFacecam, or the ultra-moody, OnTopOfTheMonitorCam. This movement is expedited by me climbing on a chair and moving it by hand. Sometimes I just knock into it. The second camera stays where it is; surveying the rest of the room. And that's about it.
Q: If I hit reload more often, will I get new pics more often?
A: Yes. The pictures is updated every 10 seconds or so. To get the best update rate you should be prepared to shift-click on reload every ten seconds or so, if you're that bothered.
Q: Why does the guest picture not change? Why does the members picture only change every 30 seconds?
A: The member picture updates every 30 seconds because that seems to be the best way to make sure people got the whole of the last image. Any less often than that and it's not often enough (exciting things happen sometimes (no really)). Any more often than that and you might not get the whole image in time.

As for the guest picture, when I tried to match everything to the JenniCAM site I needed something to match the 'Guest' page That seemed like the best thing.