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Luser Type Questions

Q: Do you censor the BOFHcam?
A: No. But I bet you wish I did. What you see is what you get. Which is pretty boring most of the time, I have to say. Censorship might lend some excitment to the images. Some artfully placed XXXX's over the eyes to hide the identifies of the guilty? Some fuzzy focus over parts of the bodies? Get a life.

Now and then you might get something interesting. But I doubt it. The best thing to do is either have the remote window open and watch for movement or email me and ask me to do something. Hell, you might catch me demonically lit in green by the screen during a Delta Force game. Best time to catch me like that is after work hours, before work hours and during work hours.
Q: Where did you get the idea to do this?
A: I had a look at the JenniCAM and thought, "Hey, I can do a parody of her site with the BOFH character (made famous by the original BOFH, Simon). That is, unless someone else has thought of it already." They hadn't, I was bored, that's history. Luckily, Jenni hasn't come knocking yet asking for this place to go away. So, until then, it's here for you. Aren't I nice?
Q: Do you ever stage what we see?
A: No. Most of the time I'm far too busy playing games to look at the cameras, get bits of my body out (like you'd want that? I think not) or otherwise provide much in the way of entertainment. Given enough shouting or bribes I can me made to wave, or otherwise gesticulate in your direction. Special requests are entertained after work hours.
Q: Why are you giving up your privacy like this?
A: Because I have spare boxes, and the last PHB I had said that the camera didn't work. Of course, I had to prove my point.
Q: What are you doing when you're in front of your computers?
A: Sometimes I'm reading email. Sometimes I'm talking online. Most of the time, however, I'm working. Or at least, pretending to work so that my PHB and cow-orkers thing I'm one of those dreadfully efficient people who maximises their throughput whilst maintaining a constantly leveraged paradigm development and other buzzwordy things. The room has ten keyboards and two people. This leads to a lot of typing.
Q: Are there other rooms in your building? Are there plans to put cams in any of these other rooms?
A: The building's big. It's got six floors and is filled with lusers. Luckily I'm on the fourth floor so in case of a fire I can jam the lifts and make my escape via the third floor fire escape. As to other cameras? Naaah, I can't be arsed. Anyway, one BOFH is all you even need. I have added a second camera recently, but that's just like a reverse-angle shot, so you can see me wherever I go in the room. I like to wander.
Q: You're naked sometimes, is this pornography?
A: What? Errr, I think you have the wrong site. Not even the Slashdot users who descended on 26/08/1999 and requested leopard-skin briefs while I typed got what they wanted.
Q: So what can I expect to see on the BOFHcam?
A: Someone whose name I forget once said "All life is here." Well, that's not true of this webcam. Basically you'll see me. And in the corner, her. That's about it. Every so often I might move. Other than that, I'll talk. Sometimes I'll disappear. This means I've either been forced to abandon the comfy chair, or I've gone to the toilet. Don't worry, I'll be back soon. Now and again you might see visitors in the picture, try not to be alarmed, this only means the door was unlocked for too long. Unfortunately my office has concrete floors so there's no way to loosen any floor panels. The new camera happens to show the door and the desk where I do most of my development work on any spare boxes. If I'm not on the first camera, try the second.
Q: O.K. How does your camera work?
A: You don't honestly want the technical explanation do you? Other than the fact I'm running a VCM7410 desktop video camera with a Brooktree Bt848 PCI chipset (That's the standard Miro package) with an 8-pin DIN and an RCA video input (see this link for some idea on what it does and what it looks like). The whole thing is cobbled together on a RedHat 5.2 box, with a small 4.3Gb SCSI HDD. The actual capture stuff is done with the assistance of the bttv stuff (and its 'makedev'), xawtv to select the right input source and some home-made C programs. There's a cron job in there somewhere and I use 'sleep' somewhere else. Other than that it's all done with sellotape, and string. The second camera runs on a RedHat 6.2 box with the same board and camera (thanks to Erin). Brooktree drivers compiled into the kernel and a tiny webserver called ihttpd.
Q: When is the best time to find you in the room?
A: On and off all day - I work from about 08:00 to 18:00 (UTC) (no weekends!). I'm out of camerashot when I'm not here. Obvious really.
Q: Have you ever gone out with anyone you met through having the camera up?
A: To be honest, that would be a bad idea. Have you seen the kind of people who look at webcams?

I'd rather not.

I'm happily taken by someone who uses the cam to see if I'm at work or not (good idea? You decide), and if so, why I'm not returning calls for my attention. Other than that, I guess not. Dangerous thing; the web. Full of weird people with nothing to do but load up pages and peruse them for spelling mistakes, k3w1 w4r3z and free porn. Those small beady eyes, the low attention spa...

hey, back over here, I haven't finished yet.
Q: Are there any planned server upgrades?
A: I don't need to update the hardware. RedHat (or any linux of your choice, let's not go there) is perfect for my needs. Complication is the mother of disaster. I guess the pages will occasionally have stuff added. Updates will happen if people ask me to. It's not like I'm doing this for fun.
Q: Why do I see light at night? Is this an old pic? What time zone are you in?
A: The BOFHcam is based in England. Consequently most people here operation on GMT (unless it's summer in which case we operation on BST) here. Any lights you might see when it's dark are either security lights, the minihub or reflections on your screen from your room lights. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.