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January's Journal
March's Journal

[15:15] What's gone on since the beginning of January... Let me see... I find at times like this Google Calendar is pretty much the only thing that helps me remember what I've been up to. I never used to be a diary/calendar person. So little happened in my life that I could basically hold it all in my head and still have room for Babylon 5 trivia. Not so much these days. I lay some of that at the feet of Rachel, who has filled my life with a lot more interesting things than I'd otherwise be up to. Especially in recent years. So, yes...

First off there has been a lot of running as I train for a half marathon in March and the Manchester Marathon in April. A lot of running. And also some gym work. I started off going heavy on legs and arms, but more recently I've developed a bit of a habit of working on my core a little more strongly. This is mainly because I've noticed I've been eating far too many carbohydrates in the last few years and I'm finally old enough that my body has decided to hold on to them, especially around my middle. Also runners need strong cores (more so if they're running off road, which I'm not doing too much at the moment, but it pays to be prepared). Other than the running, there wasn't much going on for me. Rachel came and went as she was able to, splitting her life between three houses as she is right now. I was lucky to see her as much as I did, but it still didn't feel like enough. There was lots of patching of servers at work as we enter Q1 of the patching cycle for the year (and it's still going on, with patching tomorrow morning). For the last weekend of January Rachel and I headed down to Cornwall so she could run the Arc50 (the little brother of the Arc of Attrition race). She did pretty well, and I was happy to crew for her with her aunt providing transportation between the points we chose for restocking, etc.

Honestly, other than some visits from people to talk about the state of my back garden lawn, new trainer deliveries, and Rachel slowly getting furniture delivered to her house (she has a bed now, at least), not a lot has gone on.

Although I have bought an axe (for Rachel to use for splitting kindling for her log-burner).

Rachel's due here this evening after spending a few days at her Croydon flat and working in London during the day. Tomorrow we head off to her house up north and on Friday my brother and his son arrive to spend the weekend with us doing fun things. Hopefully the weather won't be too atrocious. I'll be back home again on Monday evening, so I'll be working from (someone else's) home on Friday and Monday. There's no desk at Rachel's house yet, so nowhere to set up the extra monitors I have, so it's going to be interesting working just from a laptop screen!

Right, I think that's everything up to date now. Nothing else to report except that I'll be keeping on running (faster and faster if my coach has any say in my sessions, which he obvious does), eating, sleeping, and working. See you in March with (I hope) good news about my half marathon.