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May's Journal
July's Journal

[16:05] I got home last night and began to feel pretty grim (very slightly sick, stomach ache, bloated) almost immediately. I made myself have a proper dinner and drank a reasonable amount (for me) and eventually (after talking to Rachel on the phone) went to bed, hoping I'd feel better in the morning. Surprisingly, I had a reasonable night's sleep, despite having spent much of the evening worrying about rat incursion. In the morning, getting up early, I packed for the long weekend away with Rachel (initially in Croydon, then elsewhere Sunday into Monday). Equally surprisingly I didn't feel quite as bad as I did last night. The paranoid hypochondriac in me thinks my interactions with the rad waste on Wednesday evening has left me with a developing illness. We'll have to see, though. Anyway, I cycled to work on the station bike and got all the patching done without any issues well before 09:00, which made everyone happy. The rest of the morning and into lunch time (no running today) was spent tweaking Ansible for the new HR servers configuration I then pushed out to six new HR VM guests for the RHEL7 iteration of it that has to be ready within a month. I also set up all the firewall stuff and made some mental notes about the traffic manager stuff that's going to be required. After all of that I handed the VMs over to the DBAs/developers and will wait to see if I need to redo any of them, or tweak their configurations for anything they/I missed. Since then I've been working on dealing with and filing emails, tidying my desk a little, and even squeezing in time to eat my lunch. I still don't feel 100% bodily, but hopefully things will calm down as time goes on.

I'm off to get a train to Croydon now. Tonight it'll just be Rachel and me. Tomorrow morning we'll run parkrun with some of her friends and then have coffee. Later in the day we'll have some time with another of Rachel's friends and her husband (including dinner, I think). Then on Sunday morning we'll head to part of Rachel's birthday present, run whilest we're there and have the rest of the day and overnight to relax. On Monday we'll be going our separate ways as Rachel heads (eventually) to Heathrow to collect someone and I come home to see if the rats have taken over the house or not. Then on Tuesday it's back to work to see what's gone wrong/broken.

[17:50] Not the best day, if I'm honest. Especially if we stretch the day to include last night when, eventually fed up with the smell eminating from behind the washer, I pulled the washer away from the wall to find a carpet of animal poo and patches of definitely urine. I spent the next half an hour or so sacrificing a dustpan and brush to clearing up as much of it as I could. It was, and still is, extremely smelly. I put all of my clothes in the washer, had a shower and went to bed feeling pretty bothered. I'd been sure I'd heard stuff in the past, and a year ago the washer hose got chewed through so that it spurted water everywhere. Luckily I caught that quite quickly. Anyway, in the morning I headed to work early to get some important servers patched. After I'd done that I looked up some pest control people and managed to get one who'd come out this morning. After checking with my team leader I cycled home again (which was good as I'd been concerned that in my stress over things this morning I hadn't actually locked the door (I had)) and waited for him. He turned up and, like me, couldn't immediately find the point at which they were entering the house. However, he did say almost immediately that it was rats rather than mice, which apparently is a good thing! In the end he settled on them probably coming in via the washing machine outflow pipe... although they don't emerge into the house from the pipe, but beside it (in the floor). So somewhere between entering the pipe and getting above the floor they are apparently leaving the pipe, which is extremely concerning as it means there's either a hole in the pipe (which means my washing machine water is potentially draining at least partially into the foundations), or something very odd is going on below the floor tiles in that part of the house. He laid bait to cause the rat urine to glow under UV light (so he can track where they are/are going) and actual poison inside the house where they seem to congregate to kill them off. He thinks they're coming from elsewhere than my property, so I visited my neighbours to tell them and also meet one of them for the first time. This resulted in a rather long conversation with the neighbour I hadn't met before, which was nice at least. The long and the short of it is that I have rats in my house, they're going to eat poison fairly shortly, everything smells, I'm concerned I'm going to have to have some of my floor taken up and the tiles aren't going to survive the experience, and in two weeks the guy is going to come back and use a flexible camera to look down the hole and see if he can see anything. In the meantime I've booked a doctor appointment as I realise now I got pretty close to the urine and poo, and may even have inhaled stuff when I was sweeping things up last night. I just hope I haven't caught anything.

Oh, otherwise there was a lot of stuff going on at work this afternoon, which meant that when I got back to work it was meetings, and then lots of Ansible configuration stuff, no easy time to eat lunch, and I'm going to have to do my run when I get home this evening. And tomorrow's another early start for more patching.

[17:00] Another busy day. Got to work early (around 07:00) and spent an hour or so patching and rebooting servers (successfully, thankfully). The morning passed in something of a blur of fulfilled requests and issues solved. Then it was lunch time and I began the patching and rebooting of a KVM host and its guests. About half way through its being off the network a developer came in to ask why one of their servers (being used in a demo/training session) wasn't visible. Apparently the email I sent to the developer's team lead saying I was going to do the work (which I admittedly didn't get a response to) hadn't been passed on. I reassured the developer that the system would be back in five minutes, and it was. So that was OK. After lunchtime I got an email from a DBA/system developer saying that the version of the software stack they want to upgrade to before the end of next month doesn't run on the version of the operating system all of their servers are on. I feel like this is something they could have brought up sooner. However, I think I should be able to help them out with new VMs of the right operating system level. We just have to have a meeting so we can work out a few ground rules (and also, maybe, just a little, tell them how silly they were not to have started this process sooner).

For now though I'm off home as I'm in early again tomorrow to patch and reboot a whole live production service, and half of another one. It's going to be a busy morning, and all that before 09:00 (hopefully).

[18:10] A busy day, as evidenced by the fact I'm still here at gone 18:00. I got in early, did some patching and rebooting, then settled in to dealing with the mass of email requests for various firewall and traffic manager configuration changes. I also had a long but interesting meeting about the shape of some things to come which took me up to lunch time. Unfortunately I still had so much to do I wasn't able to go for my run until gone 13:00, which meant I wasn't back at my desk post run and shower until around 14:30, and didn't finish my lunch until gone 15:00. I also had a nose bleed whilest roaming the corridors looking for people to talk to about clearing down records of old RHEL installations, but there's no connection between anything there. This afternoon I've mainly been dealing with more email conversations, setting up machines for tomorrow's early morning patching, and wondering if I'm going to get soaked by rain on the way home. We'll have to see.

[17:20] Hello. I'm back from the weekend, which was nice. A short version (as I need to get home and to Tesco) is that Rachel and I went to see her parents on Friday afternoon, went to Clumber Park with them on Saturday (after running in the morning), had some delicious port and cheese on Saturday evening, went for a longer run on Sunday, and then got the train home again. A good time was had by all.

This morning Rachel went swimming before heading to London, I came to work and patched some servers and then spent the day coordinating a whole lot of firewall, traffic manager, and patching sequencing work, and was very glad I didn't have a run to do at lunch time as I worked through that without stopping.

I'm now going home and will be in early tomorrow morning to do more patching (just as I will be on every other day this week,now I look at my calendar). Rachel's coming back home again this evening though, so I do need to head off so I can get the shopping done before she arrives.

[15:00] A much better day today, and not just because I'm getting to go home now. Firstly it was much improved by Rachel arriving last night. Not that that's today, but never mind. We had some catch up, cookies, and relaxation, which helped settle us both down, I think. This morning we got up early so Rachel could start work and I could head to work to patch and reboot a few dozen servers. Both physical servers misbehaved somewhat with regard to shutting down databases and/or starting up smoothly, but in the end everything was OK. Two of the virtual servers still had very old NFS mounts to a server which went away a long time ago so didn't boot until I'd fixed them, too. After that it was a morning of cleaning and tidying up a few things. Over lunch time I logisticised a few patching processes happening next week, and also began the hardware diagnostics of a server which is having repeated memory issues. Hopefully it's something a BIOS update and some Lifecycle Controller testing will fix, or at least pin down.

In any event, I'm leaving all that going so I can head home, grab my bag, change bikes, and cycle to the local train station with Rachel so we can get trains to her parents' house for the weekend to see them. We'll be running (not with her parents), doing some family stuff, and then coming back on Sunday in time for me to get to work early on Monday morning for more patching. I don't think there's anything else to tell you. Have a good weekend.

[17:35] I've had a very long day. Even with the curtains and bedroom door closed I couldn't sleep past around 04:00, so got up at 06:00 and got on with the day. This meant I got to the data center at 07:00 to power down a server (and its three VMs) so I could replace a stick of RAM in it. After a bit of faff that all went off fairly smoothly. As soon as that was done I cycled to the office and patched and rebooted about 23 servers, including doing some firmware updates for the one physical box in the group. By 09:00 I'd done a significant amount of work without any major issues. It was after that that everything went downhill. There were problems with our Active Directory, which people initially blamed on some firewall rule changes I'd done. That was disappointing (and it wasn't the case in the end), my hill reps run at lunchtime went OK, but my GPS track didn't come out like it was supposed to, and in between all of that people asked me for all kinds of stuff which I was mostly able to do, but still had serious issues getting sorted.

At home I'm concerned about the ground floor planking, which seems to be creaking and cracking and slightly sagging in amounts slightly more than would normally not be concerning (at least for me). Hopefully there's nothing to worry about. Otherwise everything's OK there. What's more than OK is that Rachel is coming tonight... although much later than we were both hoping owing to her having an event on that she'd forgotten about. We'll either be eating really late together, or separately, and then she'll arrive in time for a cup of mint tea before bed.

Tomorrow I'm in early again for more patching and rebooting, but without any firmware updates, which should hopefully speed things up a little. Then I'm out of here early in the afternoon so I can get back in time to catch a train with Rachel to take us away for the weekend.

[17:15] Lots and lots of things done today. Too many to mention. Suffice it to say I made a lot of things work, cleaned up a few things, got people to do lots of things, organised lots of early morning work for myself over the next two weeks, and generally kept on top of everything as much as I could. I'm sure a few things fell through the cracks (as evidenced by my team leader coming in to ask about something I'd completely forgotten about/disregarded as nothing to do with me). However there's only so much I can do in one day. Mostly today has been about patching and rebooting servers, or arranging for that to happen. My old colleague/team leader was in today to catch up on things. Happily, there wasn't all that much anyone needed to get from him in terms of brain dumpage, which was good. There's a good chance it'd be better/easier if he was still working full time, but it's rewarding to know that we don't (currently) need him to be here.

But now: home. I'll be in changing RAM in one and updating and rebooting about twenty-three servers tomorrow morning.

[17:25] A frustrating day, if I'm honest. I turned off the alarm I'd set for 06:00 so as to do my run before work as I just hadn't slept very well. That meant I got up at a normal time, did the normal morning things, and then got to work. Almost immediately there was a problem due to other people doing some work I hadn't been aware of, and breaking something no-one knew was going to break when they did it. I cycled all the way over to a server room to fix something, but got a phone call as I was there to say everything was working after all. I cycled back again and we put some resilience stuff in place for next time. Then I had a morning of wondering what was going on with some other bits and bobs, and not making any progress on finding anything out. I went for a run at lunch time which was a little more tiring than it should have been, then spent the afternoon trying to arrange some downtime for Thursday morning (not that I want to get in early), trying to figure out why a bunch of things were turning up in the firewall logs, getting annoyed at Google Calendar for breaking, firing off emails asking people to write at least semi-parseable emails, fixing servers with too little RAM/swap (my fault, at least), and trying to get people to pay attention to patching advisories for kernel issues. Oh and I also patched and rebooted all of our load balancers, which caused IPv6 issues due to someone not naming a sysctl configuration file correctly.

I think it's time to go home and to stop thinking about work for 13 hours or so.

[17:20] Wonderfully, Rachel and I had a weekend with nothing planned. It was great. We got up on Saturday, ran for a bit, did parkrun, ran for a bit more, then came home. Did some chores, went to Tesco, came back, I did some more stuff while Rachel had a driving lesson, then we had lunch, did some more logistics and organising, went for a cycle ride, and generally relaxed. On Sunday we got up late after sleeping badly, went for a longer run (although mine was shorter as I'm running as planned by my coach) and both got a bit sun burnt, had lunch, watched a bit more television, and relaxed a bit more. Then it was today. Mostly today has been about being concerned with some odd errors Red Hat Satellite has been throwing up, cleaning it up (partially what caused the errors, I think), and discovering that I might be able to get a promotion if I put in some (actually quite a bit of) work. For now though I'm going to go home and tackle the massive amount of washing up we generated over the weekend... and think about the third 50 mile race of the year we somehow entered over the weekend (November).

[17:00] A decidedly unearly start this morning, which suited me just fine. Rachel and I had a lovely evening last night finishing up our watching of Mad Men with me still getting frustrated at the raw, naked sexism in almost every scene, but then enjoying it for the story's sake. We also had a delicious (very healthy) dinner made by Rachel too, which is always good. After I eventually made it into work (still before 09:00 mind) it was straight into a meeting, which devolved into a great decompression/bitching session with someone from another group with whom it turns out I'm getting on very well with. After I emerged from that feeling like I'd deepened a professional relationship it was on with the actual working day. This revolved mainly around clearing up old VMs, working on the Satellite installation which was throwing up a few errors, doing things with the firewall and traffic managers, and sorting out permissions and package installations. Over lunch I managed to pop out and get a new pair of road shoes for the recently-begun marathon training season and autumn marathon. Happily they came in exactly the colour I was after, although I wasn't able to get another pair of insoles for them. I only got a second pair last time after the first ones tended to ruck up when running in heavy rain. Hopefully the ones in this new pair won't and I won't need any other insoles. We'll see. This afternoon I've mainly worked on rationalising the SAN volumes which're presented to the VMWare cluster. Names now match in both directions, and we've got rid of the volumes which weren't accessible to all of the hosts as well as the volume clustering (which we didn't have licensing for anyway). It really satisfies my sense of obsessive order to see it all laid out much more cleanly.

Now I'm off to have one of those rare things, a weekend at home with nothing in particular planned (except having fun times with Rachel). Tonight should be nice and quiet, followed by an hour's run tomorrow morning with a third of it being parkrun. I'm not sure what else we'll do with the Saturday, but I do know we've got a lot of logistics planning to do for various things happening in the next few months, so I imagine we'll spread that out over the whole weekend. On Sunday I've got a one hour run to do according to my coach, although Rachel's intending on doing a longer one so I guess I'll be back before her and will probably prepare lunch for us both. Other than that... Tesco, possibly some baking (by Rachel) and reading/Netflix. See you on Monday.

[18:00] Another rainy day where I managed to get in to work early before the rain really started to come down, but got soaked at lunch time when doing my hill reps, and will get equally wet cycling home again shortly. Outside of those things, today has been a reasonable day of work. I came in in time to not have to do anything while someone tested a failover situation of their VMWare guests, then got stuck into a few tasks that've been pending for a while. I've still not finished one of the tasks, but it's now much more advanced, and if I think about it there's no real reason why I can't carry on and finish it tomorrow. I probably won't though as it's a bit of a leap of faith someone, in one regard. Anyway, after running some hard hill reps at lunch time (although I did start my jog back one rep short of what I maybe should have done) the afternoon was about getting some answers from people about VMs that were potentially not required any more, doing some configuration work (which I then duplicated in my Ansible playbooks), building and commissioning two new VMs, and getting on top of my inbox a little.

Now though it's time to go home and make sure the house is clean and tidy for Rachel's arrival, hopefully some time around 19:30 or so. I should probably have towels on standby as it's possible she won't have brought a waterproof and might be a little wet. She's working from (my) home tomorrow, so that'll be plenty of reason for me to leave actually on time tomorrow, even if she won't stop working until a good hour after I actually get home!

[17:30] Today has been a day of things happening. I can't really detail everything that went on as it has mainly been about sitting by other people's desks talking about firewall rules and trying to make them work. I think that come the end of the day we've got something workable in place, but it's certainly not the end of things. My brain is fried at this point though so I'm not entirely sure there's much else I can talk about. I've made it through the day in one piece, it was a rest day from running, so that was nice, and I'm just about to head home and hope that I don't get drenched in a sudden rain shower.

Tomorrow I may or may not make it in in time to be around for a failover test, but I should. Other than that it should be another day of keeping things from coming apart at the seams for another few hours.

[17:15] After a lovely evening with Rachel last night, I had an atrocious night's sleep (probably due to over-eating). Still, it meant I got to look at Rachel (apparently pretending to be) sleeping. We got up early, she to get a train to work, me to cycle into work so I could reboot a server which'd been semi-silently complaining about things for weeks. Both things apparently went off without a hitch. I didn't even get rained on when I cycled in. Nor when I went for a faster-than-slow run at lunch time, which was nice. In between all of that was a lot of puzzling at things, having helpful conversations with people, and a little bit of gant chart-like organising of 'this before that, those before this'-style stuff. Ducks have been put in various rows, and I think it'll all work out, eventually.

I'm just off now to help Cormac move a server and then I should head into town to go to someone's birthday drinks for a little while before I head home and collapse for the evening. Although I didn't feel all that tired all day, and definitely not while I ran (it was a good run), I'm suddenly feeling quite pooped and wish I was just going (or was already at) home.

[17:05] A good weekend, thanks for asking. I managed to make good food choices pretty much for the whole weekend barring the final meal on Sunday, and that was only because Rachel didn't arrive until late into the evening for reasons I'll get to in a moment. So on Saturday morning I misread what my coach asked for and only jogged to and from parkrun, as well as doing what was required in terms of 'on' and 'off' efforts. This only amounted to half the amount of time I was supposed to be on my feet. I remedied that with a fun bit of running on Sunday morning. The remainder of Saturday was spent cycling out to get a new bike lock for the one which got broken apart while I was in watching a film at the cinema on Friday night. Happily - for the second time - even though the lock was broken open, the thieves didn't take the front wheel of my bike. The last time this happened it was in the cycle park at the main train station. Either way, after checking the bike over for things having been losened or taken, it seemed fine. So, new lock, and also a quick cycle into town to get one of Rachel's last two birthday presents. Hopefully the other one will arrive here at work shortly. After I'd been out and about I went home and aired the house out a bit, as well as doing a tiny amount of housework and going to Tesco. Sunday started with a run, then I just lazed around a bit as I'd been up early in the morning (although not out of bed) watching the GPS tracker attached to the person Rachel was pacing for the last 30 miles or so of the South Downs Way 100. I'd followed them late into the night, but then kept the laptop on the bed so I could power up and check again at around 05:00. They seemed to be doing OK, so I went back to sleep again. In the end they finished at around 09:45, which was very impressive. Rachel eventually made it home, but was so tired from having been up the day before (Saturday) with a full day of meetings and travel, then going through the night as a pacer, then getting home again on the Sunday morning, that she needed to get herself together before coming to me (although I did tell her she didn't need to come, I promise). In the end she made it on to a train that should have got her to the local station for 21:08, only there was a points failure, so I didn't meet her at the station until around 21:45. We went home, she had a snack, and then we went to bed.

Today, aside from getting soaked on the cycle in to work (and I expect the same to happen on the cycle home) I've had a very busy day being pulled in about nineteen different directions doing things. I think I've solved almost everything I was asked to do, and even learned a few new things in the process. We'll have to see if I got them right or not. For now though I'm heading home to see Rachel and have a nice quiet evening. Tomorrow morning's a moderately early start to reboot a server which has been complaining (quietly, no-one noticed for at least two weeks) to see if that fixes the issue. I hope so.

[17:15] Another early start day as I wanted to get in and get a server rebooted (to clear some orphaned multipath mount stuff) and work with one of the more cleverer firewall people to work out why something networky wasn't networkying. In the end both things happened, and I also got to clear up a nasty bit of DNS/firewall clutter that was part of the problem in the first place. With all of that done and it still not 09:00 I was able to settle down and plough through my inbox for a few hours and make some progress in clearing it down somewhat. That's always a good thing for a Friday. Lunchtime happened, then an afternoon of discovering that there's a good chance my officemate turnover will increase somewhat in the next few months... maybe. How, who, and why remains to be seen.

Speaking of things remaining to be seen, I'm off to see the latest John Wick film this evening after having a burrito with Cormac (who's managed to force back the time of dinner to 17:45 or so from the 18:30 I was hoping for). After the film I'll head home and hope it's not raining too hard, then be up in the morning for a coach-manadated parkrun before potentially doing a lot of housework which hasn't so much been piling up as neglected for quite some time. There'll probably be a Tesco trip at some point over the weekend, and then on Sunday Rachel will arrive after having run 30 miles or so pacing a friend of hers who's doing the South Downs Way 100 mile this weekend. I don't think I'll be running on Sunday, so that may be when I catch up with the last two episodes of Chernobyl, which has been holding my attention recently. So that's the weekend covered. See you Monday.

[18:15] A long day today. It started early as I didn't want to stay in bed past 06:00, especially as I needed to be in work to do some very important upgrades. The whole morning routine went to plan and I was in work a little after 07:00. The first set of servers to upgrade went almost without a hitch, I just had to reboot a server or two rather than just letting the upgrade process do everything automatically (and without any reboots). The second set of servers went off without a hitch, and much more quickly owing to how much less busy their configuration is. In any event, the upshot was that everything got done without issue, and the upgrade even fixed the problem which had precipitated the decision to upgrade in the first place, which was great. Not that we'll be going back to using these servers for the thing which was a problem. Or at least not yet. So anyway, after that was done I was able to get on with some of the dozen or so things which were pending for me to do. I worked through them as much as I could, stopping at lunch time to go for a hill reps run, which didn't really go as I'd hoped, but was potentially what I was supposed to do, as it were. We'll see what my coach says when he reviews my week's running on the weekend. In the afternoon I returned to work, did a few more things, then was handed a helpdesk ticket that completely stumped me, and even the head of Networks, who's a very clever chap. I've written down everything we know so far, and emailed him, the person who knows the most about the firewall, and myself. That means we should start from a position of knowing everything we've already discovered tomorrow morning. Whether or not what we know is actually of any use remains to be seen. The reason there's such an issue is because of people not cleaning up after themselves network-wise, and then bodges having to be put in place, which then multiply until the whole unworkable mess comes collapsing down around someone's ears. Mine in this case as I'm the last person standing in terms of who does the stuff in this area.

But enough about all that, I'm going home.

[18:05] I made some progress today on a present I'm hoping to get Rachel. I think I'll be making the decision as to which of two to get tomorrow, and probably ordering it then. Just one more data point to collect. Actually no, I've decided to get both and then see what Rachel thinks of them. Maybe we'll keep both. Anyway, they should arrive/be collected before the end of next week, which'll be good.

Otherwise, I've spent the day helping people with their technical problems and, for the most part, succeeding. There were a couple of hairy issues which took a bit of thought to get right, but I think at the end of the day (and it's just been confirmed by one of the people I helped walking past my desk on his way home) everything's gone as it should have done. Hopefully this'll mean that the very important work I'm going to be doing tomorrow morning with both traffic manager/load balancer clusters will go just as well. We'll just have to see.

[18:25] A slightly less frenetic day today, as I seem to have broken the back of the things I was behind on yesterday. This meant that I've been able to concentrate one some harder/trickier firewall and load balancer-related things today. Fewer things done, but what I have done was more complicated, and with a more satisfying pay-off. I even managed to get a run done at lunch time, and even ran somewhere I barely ever run, which was a nice change. I've spent the time after work (when I should have gone home) looking at a final birthday present for Rachel, and debating which showing of a film I should go to with my last free cinema ticket... Although I've just this minute decided and booked the ticket for Friday night. It'll mean I either have to pack a dinner or... go for a burrito (yes!) in town beforehand. I think I'll do that. I haven't had one in ages.

Anyway, time to go home and hopefully not get too wet doing so.

[17:25] I'm back from holiday! It was great, thanks. A whole week away with Rachel (and her family) in the New Forest. Kayaking, various other water sports, mountain biking, running, tennis, croquet, and lots and lots of eating. Seriously, massive amounts of amazing food. I started to cut back on what I ate by the Tuesday as I was worried about putting on too much weight. It was an amazing trip, with lovely company, and with all kinds of fun and excitement. The only fly in the ointment was how hard the ten mile race we attended on Sunday was for us both. Rachel (of course) beat me by a good six minutes or so (twice what I was hoping for)), but it was very hot, there were hills, and I really didn't feel in shape after a week of barely running and big meals. I'm going to make an effort to lose a little bit of excess over the next few weeks and months as well as slowly getting back into a marathon training mode for an autumn marathon (not sure which yet). That starts with my grocery shopping at Tesco this evening once I've been home and made sure the house is in order.

Today hasn't been quite as bad as I was expecting after a week away. Plenty of things to do, but I believe I've pretty much done everything that was massively urgent or seriously outstanding. There's obviously plenty more to do, but I'm going to take tomorrow to have a good look at what it all is and start making some decisions. Until them I'm going to head home before it's too late in the evening.