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What is the difference between LARTing lusers and simply maiming them?

I thought you wanted to know about the BOFHcam service? Damn. O.K., the major difference between simply hitting a luser and LARTing them is that you hope that afterwards the luser has either undergone an attitude readjustment, or simply won't be bothering you any more (WebTV users, read below).
Why does BOFHcam have a Members and a Guests area?

I've already explained that once. It might be worth you reading the LTQ more closely.
What happens when I LART?

The possibilities are endless. Here a few examples.
What is the price/duration of LARTing a luser?

Depending on how hard you do it, and what kind of implement you use results can vary wildly. More information about the favoured types of LARTing tool can be found here. Please be sure to understand the consequences of LARTing before attempting a LART. Continuing with the LARTing process indicates that you have read and agreed to these terms of service.
Will the BOFHcam site work on my computer/browser?

You need to read the LTQ, again.

WebTV users will find that the page does not automatically refresh. However, simply selecting a sharp knife and plunging it into your right eyesocket, and then the left one (don't worry if half of the image disappears, this is normal, keep going) will load new images in your head.
I'm having a problem with my LART. What do I do?

You may need to do some LART maintenance. Depending on your choice LART this may involve anything from a small amount of lint removal to clearing the breach of used cartridge cases with some needle-nosed pliers.