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Q: Why don't you require membership?
A: Because the site is a parody, to a certain degree, and a rip-off of someone else's fine work (see the JenniCAM).

All I've done is clean up some errant HTML and change it enough that it doesn't impinge on any copyright issues. Primarily this site is for me to play with while I work on the network. It grew out of my desire to do something other than monitor the network, add new machines and update the DNS. There is no way I was going to just look after some NT and linux boxen and not have at least a little fun at the same time. That would come under cruel and unusual punishments in my book (something I reserve for the lusers).

There's no way I could charge for something this boring, that gives no-one (apart from a very few people) any pleasure, entertainment or quick fix. Basically, it's here for a laugh.
Q: O.K. so where did my membership money go?
A: Ah. Oh, that money. It's... being used to feed starving Kurdish wolfhounds in Albania. Honest.

Look at this face, would it lie to you?
Q: Is paying for membership online safe?
A: I doubt it. Never having done it myself. I know the kind of people who packet-sniff on the network, I'm one of them.
Q: What is your policy on password swapping?
A: So long as you use a clean keyboard and SSH, I don't know that there's any risk. Remember kids, be safe out there. As for swapping passwords to essential systems, don't do it. Just say no. It's verboten. No. Do I need to be any clearer?

Look. Don't even write them down. Not even on your hand.
Q: Where do I go to find out how to subscribe?
A: Drop me a line on [email protected] and you'll get a good dose of sarcasm by return of post. Maybe, if there's ever enough call for it (ha) I'll tell people when I'm doing something exciting.
Q: I'm having problems with my subscription. What can I do?
A: Oh go away.