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January's Journal
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[17:45] And now it's the end of February. I kept thinking I'd done a journal entry for this month, but I hadn't. So, that means all the more to tell you about.

Work-wise we had a new SAN delivered as a proof-of-concept. It's tiny (physically) compared to our current one, but should be just as awesome, if not more so. We're binning everything fibre channel for this iteration of our SAN storage, so everything that connects via that technology to the old SAN is going to have to either be decommissioned or have an iSCSI card installed. We have some spares now we can do that with. Lots of early morning patching going on as we're in the middle of Q1 for that kind of thing. Other than someone else in my team having an issue with a firmware update, which required him to drive over to the server room to fix, everything has gone really well, which is nice. We had an old member of staff retire, which necessitated going into the office for a quick and quiet leaving do. It was a bit uncomfortable as he'd really faded away from work over the last few years, and so many people have left since he started that very few people really remembered what he'd done (which was a lot, over the years). Still, it was nice to see him off. I migrated the first of twenty very old virtual guests from one virtualisation technology to another as another proof-of-concept, so that people can see that we can at least get it and its kin onto something a little more reliable than twelve year old Dell PowerEdge servers. Work has stalled a bit on that otherwise as it's dependent on other people doing a lot of work to clean up what's on those hosts before I migrate them. I attended a Red Hat Summit thingy in London. It was moderately interesting, and the food wasn't too bad either. Not much in the way of swag though. Honestly though, I was glad to leave and get out of the city.

Away from work I've been running hard (but not hard enough) in training for a half marathon which takes place this weekend coming. I was hopeful when I started the training block that I might be able to get a new half marathon PB, but over the months and sessions I've come to the conclusion that those days might just be behind me now, and the best I can hope for is to run my best and come away with a time I'm pleased with, rather than overjoyed. I should be more positive, as that might help on the day, but I don't think it will make much difference, really. Thankfully, at least for the moment, the weird muscle injury in my right calf and foot hasn't stopped me from doing any of my training sessions and shouldn't affect me on the day. We'll see... Rel's been to see me a good few times, I've been to see her a few times, we've done some runs together (one even all the way from a few train stations away; I got on a train to meet her and we ran home). We've done a new parkrun (Clumber Park), Rel's won a few cross country meets for her new running club, and we've entered a just-for-fun ultra (31 miles) the weekend after this (so a week after the half marathon, which she's also doing).

Mood-wise I'd say I've been fairly normal these last few weeks. No highs, but also nothing particularly low (unless you count my low-grade pessimism about my running). I have been clenching my jaw a lot, which usually means I'm stressed, but I think is 70 percent to do with my Invisalign appliances, which I think I've got into the habit of pressing into place with a biting action. I have just booked to have the permanent(!) internal braces fitted after I finish wearing the last one in a few weeks from now. I really didn't want to have something like that, but it's that or watch the teeth slowly wander away from where I've worked to put them. If I don't like having the braces I can always go with a night time set of retainers, I believe. I'll ask when I'm in the chair.

Upcoming over the next few weeks is a Zoom call with Rel and her extended family to talk about Paris 2024 Olympic venue tickets, the half marathon, the ultra marathon, And then at the end of March "and evening with Tim Peake" the Friday before Rel and her mum go to South Africa for a few weeks. I really wish I was going with them.

That's everything I can think of for the moment. I'll let you know how things go in my next update, which should be some time in mid to late March on current showing.