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December's Journal
February's Journal

[13:40] So a lot went on in December. It started with a lovely dinner at Shaun's house with him and his family. The first time I'd been out for a social event in quite some time. I cycled there and back in the dark, which was also quite fun (as the weather was nice and it's a quiet set of dark roads so I got to use my good bike lights). Rachel went back and forth to her newer house a few times, as well as down to London now and then. I visited a few times and was there when the first bed (for the spare room) arrived, which meant only one night of sleeping on the floor on an inflatable mattress, which my older bones were thankful for. I even got to help light the first fire (after having someone come to ensure the log-burner and flue were safe). I had my third COVID-19 vaccination, and again wasn't troubled by any side effects, which was nice, but a bit disconcerting as I was waiting for the other shoe to drop for a day or so.

Christmas started off at Rachel's mother's house with her brother's family coming down before Christmas to see us all (Rachel's aunt and partner come for Christmas up from Cornwall) before spending actual Christmas in their just-finished-rennovating house. Christmas itself was quiet, and I got to give Rachel lots of useful things for her and her house, although the main present was damaged in transit from (it turns out) Italy, so I had to have another delivered, which only arrived about four days ago. Reportedly it's fine, but nobody has my OCD when it comes for checking for damage, so I'm going to have to give it the once-over the next time I'm there. After Christmas Day and so forth Rachel and I headed over to see my parents in Manchester and overlapped with seeing my brother and his son for a meal. That was really lovely. After that we had a few lovely days with my parents which culminated in us (Rachel really!) making dinner on my mother's birthday. We were back in Rachel's house for New Year's Eve (in bed before midnight, but awake at the turn of the year), then with Rachel's mother for New Year's Day. We headed back to my place on the 2nd and then Rachel went back to her northern home a few days later.

Some time in that period just after new year happened (probably when I went to the gym for the first time this year) I managed to contract something grim from someone. Two LFTs say it isn't COVID-19, but I'm going to take another one the day before Rachel's due (Thursday). It left me with a headache for days, an occasional cough, and a runny nose now and then. Doing this last weekend's long run was a bit of a trial. Even running to and from the bike shop (broken rear spoke), which is only 5K, didn't feel especially easy.

Upcoming this month is a lot more running for me, Rachel here and there as usual, a blood pressure check for me (apparently higher blood pressure runs in the family), Rachel running her first 50 miler of the year (I'll be crewing for her), and hopefully me getting to go to see Rachel, rather than her coming here every time we want to see each other.

Anyway, that's December, and a bit of January. Hopefully I'll have more to say this year. I'll let you know.