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July's Journal
September's Journal

[13:00] August. And it has been hot. Far too hot for this country, and far too hot for this person, too. I've had ongoing, but reduced, issues with my achilles tendons, and even took a few weeks off running entirely, which was good considering just how hot it got. I think I may have already told you about all of that, though. The running continues, and I think I might just be able to do the 50 miler in September. Rachel and I are going to try and recce the route the weekend after next (following a GPX track overlayed onto the OS Maps application on her phone) over two days. With my new trail shoes arriving some time early next week hopefully that'll give me a bit more confidence that I can do the whole thing in one day, and potentially under ten hours (Rachel will likely do it in under nine).

Outside of running, my parents visited Rachel's mum in late July, and Rachel and I were there too, of course. It was a lovely weekend for all concerned, and many years (COVID-19) in the making. Hopefully it'll happen again before too long. The following week I went to the dentist and got my first few weeks of Invisalign appliances for both top and bottom teeth. I've literally bitten the bullet and decided that it's time my teeth were straighter. I had three different braces as a child, but in the last decade or so things have moved around a bit and I'd prefer to look better. 18ish week from now (20 in total) I should have a better smile. They're not great to wear, although very good for helping (stopping) any snacking habit you have as they only thing that doesn't clog them up is drinking water. This means they have to come out whenever you eat. This means I have to work out what to do on longer runs when I need to take food, and have a really good think about the recce days and the actual race. Especially as it's strongly recommended to clean your teeth before reinserting them. I'll talk to the dentist in early September, when I go for my remaining sets (you change them once a week). The weekend following me getting them I was down in Croydon and points south volunteering on a aid station for a 100 mile race, and the then following day doing the half marathon version of a trail race that Rachel did the full version of. I don't know if I could have managed to do the full version given my achilles tendons, but my coach specifically asked me to only do the half, so that's what I did.

The Monday after that, one week early than planned I headed to Manchester to look after my parents as my mother headed into hospital to have a lung resection to remove a potential cancer. So really I was looking after my father, who's a little more forgetful about things these days, and then both of them once she came back out again. Although in reality it was Rachel, who came too a day later, who looked after us both until Saturday morning. My mother came home in the afternoon. Brought by my brother, who was here for 48 hours to look after me and my father (and to see us all) after Rachel left. He brought my newphew, and two guinea pigs, which were being looked after for two weeks while their owners went on holiday. I had a guinea pig (and so did my brother) when I was younger, so it was nice to see some again and listen to them chunter away in their (palacial) cage.

And now it's the new working week. My mother's recovering pretty well (although with some minor post-operation infections being dealt with by antibiotics) and having a sleep before lunch, my father's out doing things for a cafe for people suffering from dementia (something he and my mother helped found), and I'm working remotely (as I have for the past two years), and quietly bemoaning the lack of screen realestate compared to home.

I go home on Wednesday afternoon and will be meeting Rachel at my local train station, which is going to be wonderful. We'll have a quiet night (although we will need to go grocery shopping), work from home on the Thursday (a run in the morning before work), another quiet night (we really need some), and then she'll head to the station again on Friday evening after working from my home again for the day. The week after that should (hopefully!) be a normal one, until Rachel comes back again on the Thursday evening, and we get up horribly early on the Saturday morning to get to the Chilterns, run all day, stay in a pub/B7B for the night, run all of Sunday, and then get back home again on a booked train (which means we can't hang around on the trails).

There's more planned after that, but at this point I think some of it is still a little up in the air. I think that's enough to be going on with.